Are You Christmas Party Hair Ready?

Christmas party season is upon us. It’s only normal that you want fabulous Christmas party hair, and we are here to help. We have put together some stunning, yet relatively easy, Christmas party hair ideas for you to try at home.

However, if you feel like being pampered before your big night out, why not book a Christmas party hair appointment with us. We can style your hair for you, while you sit back and relax. Alternatively we can give you a fresh haircut or a gorgeous winter colour to show off at your Christmas party!

Before we share these awesome Christmassy hairstyles with you, remember to follow the four Ps! Practice and Perfect, Prior to the Party. Don’t leave it until the last minute to try out a new hairstyle for the first time as this will end in potential failure, and a lot of stress!

Glitter Roots

Whether you are having your hair up or down, glitter roots are very on trend at the moment. There are loads of fantastic hair glitter colours in the shops. The thicker the glitter and the bolder the colour, the more it will stand out. However, remember that glitter will fall from your hair onto your outfit, so this is something to be aware of!

If you have thicker hair, braids with glitter running through can work really well.

Big Bouncy Hollywood Style

If your Christmas party is stylish and elegant then a big and bouncy Hollywood style is definitely required. This style suits most face shapes and can make finer hair look glorious and full too. You’ll need to grab your heated rollers, hairspray, shine spray and styling lotions. Patience will be needed by the bucket load for the rollers, but the look is worth it.

If patience is not your thing, or you don’t think you have the skills for this style, then book a Christmas party hair appointment with us. We can style your hair for you.

Messy Updo

The messy updo with all your hair up or half up can look really sophisticated. Having slight dirty hair (day after washing your hair) can help this hairstyle hold better. This style is behind your head so you will need to angle mirrors to be able to see what you are doing so you can create the right look. Things like grips, elastics, spray and a comb will need to be close at hand.

Again, if you’re not sure you are up to the challenge, book a Christmas party hair appointment with one of our fantastic hairdressers. We can create the perfect Christmas party hairstyle for you.


We recommend that you book hair appointments in advance at this busy time of the year. WE certainly don’t want you to be disappointed if we can’t squeeze you in.

The Answer To A Permanent Good Hair Day

As friendly hairdressers we are always speaking to our clients about good and bad hair days. Many clients dream and wish for a permanent good hair day. We all want our hair to look as great as the minute we step out of the hair salon in Huntingdon, but this is not always possible. At least it didn’t used to be possible…

Here at Rumours Hair Salon we have the answer; A Brazilian Blow Dry in Huntingdon.

A Brazilian blow dry was recently featured in the Evening Standard as a bang on-trend treatment and our hairstylists couldn’t agree more. The Brazilian blow dry is like a semi-permanent blow dry that really lasts and looks fabulous.

The Brazilian blow dry is an innovative conditioning and straightening treatment. It works by transforming the hair in its entirety, leaving your hair feeling totally re-energised. While this amazing hair treatment was originally created in Brazil, hence the name, we are thrilled to bring the Brazilian blow dry to Huntingdon.

This hair treatment is based on the protein Keratin. Without getting super ‘sciency’ on you, this is the primary protein needed for healthy skin, nails and hair. The natural substance of keratin gives your hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny and smooth state.

If you love the look and feel of a fresh blow dry, then you’ll love the Brazilian blow dry. You gain the fabulous flossy hairstyle you love, long after the blow-dry itself. It is also completely chemical free and although semi-permanent you can expect it to last 4 to 6 months when correctly cared for.

You’ll be following the footsteps of some well-known celebrities by booking your Brazilian blow dry in Huntingdon. Nicole Ritchie and Elizabeth Hurley are said to be huge fans of the Brazilian blow dry… not sure they get theirs done in Huntingdon though!

The Brazilian blow dry is a really simple treatment and doesn’t take long at all. Call our salon now to book in for a consultation with one of our experienced Brazilian blow dry stylists in Huntingdon.

Rumours Hair Salon – BLOG – Hair Care Tips For Windy Days

We have also noticed the quick change in the weather. Evenings have suddenly got darken quicker, the rains have come and the sunshine seems to have been gone until next year. We can’t say we have been unlucky with the weather in September. We have had some great sunny days, but autumn is finally here and that means one thing – windy days!

In this blog post we have put together some top hair care tips for windy days to help ensure your hair looks its best, even on the windiest days.

Skip The Shampoo

There is nothing worse than getting up on a dark morning, spending ages washing and blow drying your hair, then stepping outside the front door to have all your hard work ruined by Mother Nature. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. In fact our professional hairdressers in Huntington would recommend against it. If you really think your hair needs a little styling support or it feels greasy, grab the dry shampoo instead.

Invest In Good Accessories

Think about the sort of person you are and the personality you have. Then treat yourself to some hair accessories. You may prefer cute braids to keep your hair in place, or maybe you’d rather a cute hat to keep your hair in place on windier days? If you have short to medium hair you will find that bobby pins are hair slides are your new best friend. However, if you have medium to long hair you might prefer some good quality hair elastics. By having the right hair accessories in abundance you’ll never fear a windy hair day again.

Pack A Brush

In the windier weather you need to make sure you always have a hairbrush in your bag. Having this essential styling tool at your disposal at all times will make windy hair days a thing of the past. If you can brush your wind enhanced tangles out you’ll feel much better about your hair and your confidence will get a boost too.

Skip The Gloss

We know some of you love that lip gloss and this is a huge ask for you, but you need to skip that gloss. When the wind blows your hair goes on your lip gloss and you have sticky and unsightly patches in your hair. We would recommend you opt for a bit of lip balm instead. This will protect your lips from drying out in the cold weather and it will reduce the risk of hair stuck to your lips too.

If you fancy stepping up your hairstyle this autumn why not book an appointment with our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon. Whether it’s a colour change, hair up for a night out, a fresh new cut or a quick trim, our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon are here to give you the hair of your dreams! Book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon now.

Want Thicker Looking Hair?

Want Thicker Looking Hair

Many of us out there struggle with thinner hair. We want thick and gorgeous locks, but it seems that no matter how hard we try, this is a dream and never a reality. However, maybe our team of talented hairdressers in Sawtry, here at Rumours Hair Salon, can give you the thicker looking hair you dream of?

A new haircut in Sawtry can give you thicker looking hair, if you choose the right haircut and hairstyle. Some styles will naturally make your hair look thicker, and add volume to thin hair.

We have listed just some of our favourite hairstyles in Sawtry that will add volume and thickness to your hair. Don’t forget we have some really great quality and well priced hair treatments available too. These are great for helping add volume to thin hair. Just ask your hairdresser for the best hair treatment for your hair goals.

Pixie Haircut

A pixie haircut is the ultimate fuss free hairstyle that adds volume. This haircut makes it almost impossible to tell that you have thin hair. It is a timeless look and super easy to style. The pixie haircut is one of our favourite hairstyles to create when clients with thin hair want to create the look of short thick hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is an angled bob. Through the bob shape and body is added to thin hair with ease. Side swept bangs and feathery layers can also be added to the asymmetrical bob for extra texture and body. Even if you choose to straighten your hair, this hairstyle will still look full of volume, thick and beautiful.

Long Bob

It is said that anyone can rock a long bob, also known as a lob. Our Sawtry hairdressers couldn’t agree more this statement. No matter the face shape, hair colour or hair texture, the lob just works! The geometric and blunt cuts of the lob create the look that your hair is fuller than it is. Instead of adding layers for volume, the straight and blunt cut makes the ends look thicker and denser.

If you’re struggling with thin hair and you don’t know what to do, give our professional hairdressers a call. We can help you achieve your hair goals and feel fabulous again!

Fresh New Hair Style With Our Fresh New Team

The summer is a great time to try out a fresh new style. This is especially the case if you are someone who has the summer holidays off.  We’re talking to you parents, grandparents, child carers and those working or studying in schools, colleges and universities.

You can be brave and go for that hair colour, hair cut or hair style you have always liked the look of. You then have the summer holidays to get used to it. If you love it we can book you in for a hair appointment to touch it up again. If you still don’t feel brave enough we can change it before you go back to work.

We have the perfect fresh new team for your fresh new style in Sawtry.

While Ally and Bev have been with us for some time now and are much loved by our clients, we’ve added some fabulous fresh talent to our team. These come in the form of Lisa and Miranda, our new Style Directors. All of our team are still backed by the wonderful Emily who is our superb salon assistant.

Bringing in new talent to our hair salon in Sawtry brings new skills, experience and techniques for our clients. If you’re thinking of trying out a fresh new hair style this summer why not book in for a hair consultation?

During a hair consultation with our new team you’ll get input from all the experienced hair stylists who can recommend the best hair options for you. Think Tattoo Fixers when the tattooists all design their idea and the client chooses the best tattoo for them – it’s just like that, but with hair!

Ally has been with us for 5 years and has worked at other successful salons in Peterborough before joining us. Lisa has worked alongside Lee Stafford. Miranda is dedicated to ensuring her clients love their hair, so their hair loves them and Bev has been with us over 25 years. Not forgetting Emily who has been with us for a good few months now and adds great value to the customer experience.

You will get the input, experience, ideas and latest techniques from all this talent – ensuring you can have that fresh new hair style that you’ve dreamed of.

What Is Hair Colour Correction?

We’ve all been there at one time. We want to try out a new hair colour. While we usually go to the hairdressers, we have decided this time we will do it ourselves. After all, it can’t be that hard? Plus, it’ll save a few pennies too.

However, this can sometimes lead to a desperate or even urgent need for hair colour correction in Huntingdon. Perhaps the colour has come out too dark, too light or a massive spot has been missed. We have even seen some cases where the wrong hair colour was in the box and therefore our client had the wrong hair colour result.

What is Hair Colour Correction in Huntingdon?

Hair colour correction is needed when the hair colouring goes wrong. It will often happen when a boxed hair colour is used at home, or an inexperienced stylist tried something new. In some cases hair colour correction can be done in one or two steps. However, some hair colour corrections will take several visits to the salon.

This is because the hair needs to be protected. Rapidly lightening your hair colour can cause severe damage. We would always recommend that if your hair colour goes wrong that you call the experts. Here at Rumours Hair we have helped many clients with colour correction in Huntingdon. There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed.

If you try and repair the hair colour yourself you could end up causing more damage to your hair. We will work with you to protect your hair, while helping you achieve the right colour. In many cases we will work to a middle shade to give you a colour you aren’t ashamed of. Then we will book a follow up appointment with you to take your hair to the right colour.

How Long With Hair Colour Correction Take?

It is almost impossible to put an exact length of time on a hair colour correction appointment. This is because it depends on the original colour and condition of your hair. We then need to look at the colour it is now and what colour you want it to be. In many colour corrections will take a few hours. However in other cases it will take one long appointment or a series of smaller hair appointments spread over a few weeks.


If you’re thinking of doing your hair yourself to save money, it might be worth waiting a while. If you can book in with a professional hair colourist then you may find you end up saving a lot more money! This is especially the case if you’re going for a big colour change.

Top Tips For Protecting Your Hair in the Summer

During the warmer and sunnier summer months our hair can be damaged in a variety of ways. These include the harmful rays of the sun, sweat, humidity, sand, chlorine, lack of hydration and so much more. In this blog post we have put together some top tips for protecting your hair in the summer months, whether you’re holidaying abroad or enjoying time in the UK.

  • Love Your Conditioner – This is the hair care product that will help restore some moisture in your hair. Make sure you choose a conditioner that matches your hair type and texture. If you’re going for a dip in the pool pop some leave in conditioner in your hair before you go for a swim, and wear a swim cap if possible. This will go a long way in protecting your hair in the summer.


  • Shampoo Carefully – Shampooing your hair every day will do more harm than good. While it might be tempting to wash your hair after a sandy day at the beach, or a sweaty picnic in the park, we recommend you don’t. When you do shampoo your hair, make sure you shampoo the scalp, not your hair.


  • Swimming – A dip in the pool will help cool you down in the warmer weather; however it could damage your hair. As we said before, put on leave in conditioner before you jump in. Do not shampoo your hair before swimming as this will take the protective oils out your hair. After a swim have a quick shower to get some of the chlorine out of your hair.


  • Avoid Heat – The sun is giving your hair enough heat. Anymore and you will definitely cause additional damage to your hair. Go low and slow on your blow dryer if it is absolutely required. Try and use as little heat products as possible and air or towel dry wherever possible. The less heat the better when it comes to protecting your hair in the summer.


  • Maximum Fluids – Drink lots of fluids. Not only is this good for you in the hotter weather, but it is good for your hair too. Your hair and skin will benefit from being hydrated so make sure you keep drinking those fluids for your health and the health of your hair.


  • Deep Conditioning – Your hair will become dry and brittle over the summer so a deep conditioning treatment on your hair every now and again will come in handy. Your hair will love you for it and you’ll quickly notice the difference.


  • Post Holiday Trim – Towards the end of the summer holidays make sure you book in for a trim. Your hair really does take a beating in the summer. A quick trim will get rid of the dry and split ends, and you’re hair will look and feel healthy again. You could also book in for a hair treatment top give your hair that added love it needs.


Have a great summer. We can’t wait to hear your summer plans at your next hair appointment in Sawtry.

rumours hair

How To Choose The Right Hairdressers In Huntingdon?

When you are looking to try a new hairdressers or you have moved to a new area and you need to find the right hairdressers in Huntingdon it can be tricky. There are so many hairdressers out there and by choosing the wrong one, you could end up with a bad haircut, dodgy hair colour and some tears of distress!

So how can you choose the right hairdressers in Huntingdon for you and your hair?

Ask For Recommendations

Talk to your friends, neighbours and work colleagues about the hairdressers in Huntingdon that they go to. As well as the name of the hair salon they recommend, ask which stylist they use too so you can get a haircut as good as they have got. Tell the hairdresser who recommended you too. Here at Rumours we have a really great referral scheme that you and your friend will love!

Check Reviews Online

Of course you’ll want to check the website of the hairdressers in Huntingdon to see the sorts of things that their clients say. However you also need to look on social media and independent review sites. A hairdresser will only share the best reviews on their website, but if they get bad reviews online it can be tricky to get rid of those or cover them up!

What Do You Love?

Know the products and brands that you love or have used before. When you call up to speak to the hairdressers make sure you ask if they use these brands. This is especially a good idea if there is a brand you adore and you know a chosen hair colour product suits your hair perfectly.

Take A Stroll

Walk past the hairdressers when you get a chance. This will give you a chance to see how busy they are as well as the sorts of client’s that they work on. You’ll be able to see if you like the style of the salon and the hairdressers in the salon. For example, if all the hairstylists have crazy hairstyles and cuts in vibrant colours of the rainbow, but you like something more traditional then that hair salon may not be for you.

Book A Blow-dry

Having a quick treatment at the salon will give you a chance to try out the hairdresser. A treatment like a blow-dry will not ruin your hair for months to come, like a hair cut or colour appointment. Instead you’ll get a chance to experience the welcome in the salon, the feel and atmosphere in the salon and the skills of the hairdressers. If you like what you see then you could book your next appointment when you’re in the salon.

Rumours Hair Salon – Is Your Hair Summer Ready

Is Your Hair Summer Ready?

The days are getting longer, the evenings are lighter and the weather is warmer. While that is great for picnics, BBQs and garden parties – the summer months aren’t always great for our hair. With the heat, humidity, swimming pools, sandy beaches and dry winds all on your hair you need to make sure your hair is protected and that your hair is summer ready.

Pre-Summer Cut

The first thing we would recommend is a haircut. This is your chance for a fresh look to bring in the summer. Whether you have a trim to tidy up the ends where the cold winter weather has damaged your locks, or you want to have a brand new look – our experienced hairdressers in Sawtry can help. We will help prepare your hair for the summer.

Splash of Colour

Your hair is no longer hidden under a big thick woolly hat or wrapped up in a scarf; it’s free and open for the world to see. So why not take this chance to have a colour change. Many people like to get a beach blonde hair colour in Sawtry for the summer. While others with darker coloured hair may choose to go a notch or two lighter, without going full on blonde. Lighter highlights can work really well on coloured hair too and brighten it up beautifully for the summer.

Hair Pampering

The summer is a really good time to invest in hair treatments and products. If you’re planning to enjoy days sunbathing in the garden, cooling dips in the pool on holiday, days out to the beach and more, then you need to make sure your hair has the treatments it needs. Here at Rumours Hair Salon we have a selection of hair treatments available in salon, or to take home. Why not book in for a hair consultation, tell us about your summer plans and we can recommend the best hair treatments for you?

Avoid More Heat

The British summer will bring enough heat as it is (hopefully), the last thing you want to do is add more heat. Put the heated rollers, straighteners, colours and hair dryers away. We recommend that you use the summer months as a chance to embrace your natural hairstyle. Try and opt for towel drying or air drying your hair, instead of grabbing the heated tools. If you are going for a fancy night out and really fancy a blow dry then book an appointment with us. We can use some awesome hair products and treatments that will protect your hair and keep your hair healthy when we do need to use the heat.


It’s summer time – enjoy the warmer weather, just make sure you look after your hair too!

Spring Clean for Sawtry Hair Salon

Spring is clearly springing, the evenings are lighter, the days are drier and we can finally put our woolly winter wear away. However, they aren’t the only changes you’ll notice this Spring. Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Sawtry you may have noticed we have been having a bit of a spring clean too. We have been going through the ‘out with the old, in with the new’ process; and it’s looking pretty good!

We had a salon refit in January which has gone down really well with our clients. The ‘R’ mirror looks awesome and has loads of really positive comments along with the layout, colours and general refit of the hair salon in Sawtry.

We also have a brand new hair stylist that is joining our team. Anna is a top stylist who got into hair dressing at her secondary school, found it was a skill that came naturally to her and she has loved hairdressing ever since. Anna really loves creating long, choppy bobs and nice bouncy blow dries!

Now what about you? Are you having a spring clean for your hair?

While the spring weather may be here, it is likely we will still experience some April Showers. It is a good idea to prepare for these. Try out putting your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun in case of April Showers. If you have shorter strands round the front you may want to grab some bobby pins and pin them round behind your ear as this will add extra polish to your look, while keeping your hair out of your face.

The colder winter months can cause damage to your hair, especially with extra heat drying required, strong winds and rain. We would recommend that you book in for a spring clean snip. We can trim your dead ends off so you have a re-fresh for spring.

The sunnier days call for sunnier hair colours too. Now could be the time to consider balyage for your hair. It is a really hot trend this spring and summer. It creates a sun-kissed natural look for your hair colour, without the noticeable re-growth lines.

If you’d like to check out our new hair salon refurb, you want to meet Anna or you fancy a spring clean for your hair then pop in. Alternatively you can give us a call, send an email or book your next hair appointment in Sawtry online. We look forward to seeing you soon.