Rumours Hair Salon – Is Your Hair Summer Ready

Is Your Hair Summer Ready?

The days are getting longer, the evenings are lighter and the weather is warmer. While that is great for picnics, BBQs and garden parties – the summer months aren’t always great for our hair. With the heat, humidity, swimming pools, sandy beaches and dry winds all on your hair you need to make sure your hair is protected and that your hair is summer ready.

Pre-Summer Cut

The first thing we would recommend is a haircut. This is your chance for a fresh look to bring in the summer. Whether you have a trim to tidy up the ends where the cold winter weather has damaged your locks, or you want to have a brand new look – our experienced hairdressers in Sawtry can help. We will help prepare your hair for the summer.

Splash of Colour

Your hair is no longer hidden under a big thick woolly hat or wrapped up in a scarf; it’s free and open for the world to see. So why not take this chance to have a colour change. Many people like to get a beach blonde hair colour in Sawtry for the summer. While others with darker coloured hair may choose to go a notch or two lighter, without going full on blonde. Lighter highlights can work really well on coloured hair too and brighten it up beautifully for the summer.

Hair Pampering

The summer is a really good time to invest in hair treatments and products. If you’re planning to enjoy days sunbathing in the garden, cooling dips in the pool on holiday, days out to the beach and more, then you need to make sure your hair has the treatments it needs. Here at Rumours Hair Salon we have a selection of hair treatments available in salon, or to take home. Why not book in for a hair consultation, tell us about your summer plans and we can recommend the best hair treatments for you?

Avoid More Heat

The British summer will bring enough heat as it is (hopefully), the last thing you want to do is add more heat. Put the heated rollers, straighteners, colours and hair dryers away. We recommend that you use the summer months as a chance to embrace your natural hairstyle. Try and opt for towel drying or air drying your hair, instead of grabbing the heated tools. If you are going for a fancy night out and really fancy a blow dry then book an appointment with us. We can use some awesome hair products and treatments that will protect your hair and keep your hair healthy when we do need to use the heat.


It’s summer time – enjoy the warmer weather, just make sure you look after your hair too!