Rumours Hair Salon – BLOG – Hair Care Tips For Windy Days

We have also noticed the quick change in the weather. Evenings have suddenly got darken quicker, the rains have come and the sunshine seems to have been gone until next year. We can’t say we have been unlucky with the weather in September. We have had some great sunny days, but autumn is finally here and that means one thing – windy days!

In this blog post we have put together some top hair care tips for windy days to help ensure your hair looks its best, even on the windiest days.

Skip The Shampoo

There is nothing worse than getting up on a dark morning, spending ages washing and blow drying your hair, then stepping outside the front door to have all your hard work ruined by Mother Nature. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. In fact our professional hairdressers in Huntington would recommend against it. If you really think your hair needs a little styling support or it feels greasy, grab the dry shampoo instead.

Invest In Good Accessories

Think about the sort of person you are and the personality you have. Then treat yourself to some hair accessories. You may prefer cute braids to keep your hair in place, or maybe you’d rather a cute hat to keep your hair in place on windier days? If you have short to medium hair you will find that bobby pins are hair slides are your new best friend. However, if you have medium to long hair you might prefer some good quality hair elastics. By having the right hair accessories in abundance you’ll never fear a windy hair day again.

Pack A Brush

In the windier weather you need to make sure you always have a hairbrush in your bag. Having this essential styling tool at your disposal at all times will make windy hair days a thing of the past. If you can brush your wind enhanced tangles out you’ll feel much better about your hair and your confidence will get a boost too.

Skip The Gloss

We know some of you love that lip gloss and this is a huge ask for you, but you need to skip that gloss. When the wind blows your hair goes on your lip gloss and you have sticky and unsightly patches in your hair. We would recommend you opt for a bit of lip balm instead. This will protect your lips from drying out in the cold weather and it will reduce the risk of hair stuck to your lips too.

If you fancy stepping up your hairstyle this autumn why not book an appointment with our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon. Whether it’s a colour change, hair up for a night out, a fresh new cut or a quick trim, our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon are here to give you the hair of your dreams! Book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon now.