Drastic New Hair Change For 2020?

If you are planning a drastic new hair change for 2020 then this is a must-read blog post for you. We have put together three important things that you need to consider if you are planning drastic new hair for 2020.

  1. Be Realistic

It’s all well and good seeing a celebrity with a fabulous new hair style and thinking that you want that, but you need to be realistic. This celebrity is likely to have an entourage of stylists with them all the time. Think about the level of maintenance and time you want to put into your hair each day, and how often you want to visit our hairdressing salon in Sawtry.

If you only want to devote a few minutes a day to your hair, and come to our hair salon the minimum of every 6-8 weeks for a trim, then tell us. We will make sure you have a low maintenance style that looks fabulous with minimal effort and trips to the hairdresser.

  1. Bring Photos

Different hairdresser terms mean different things to different people. Unless you are saying ‘shave it all off’ there is a lot that can be read into different words. This is why it is a great idea to bring photos. This way your hairdresser in Sawtry knows exactly what you are thinking, and you don’t need to sit nervously hoping you have described the right thing.

Whether it’s a colour, cut or style you are thinking about, bring the photos. You think brown is just one colour? Type brown hair into Pinterest and see all the different shades and colours that come up. A visual reference is the best way to ensure your hairdresser and you are on the same page.

  1. Be Open To New Treats

When you have a new hairstyle, you may need new hair products or tools. These are the things that will keep your hair and your fresh new look fresh and healthy. Your hairdresser is recommending these hair treats to help you and your hair; they’re not up-selling for the sake of it. Listen to what your hairdresser recommends.

Be open minded to the fact that these products and tools could make or break your style, but that doesn’t mean you have to use everything they recommend. You may already have hair products at home that will work just as well. Have a think about treating yourself to some lovely new hair products though. The products you use can often be the star of the show weeks down the line after you have left the salon.


Are you planning a drastic new hair change for 2020? Call our hairdressers near Huntingdon now. We can book you in for a free hair consultation and talk about your drastic new hair change and how it could work for you.


Choosing The Perfect Hair Colour

So, you fancy colouring your hair and trying out a new colour? Exciting stuff! BUT, choosing the right hair colour might not be as easy as you think. It’s not as easy as seeing a colour you like and asking the hair colourist in Sawtry to make your hair that colour. Instead, there are factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect hair colour.

For example you need to think about your complexion, clothing colours, time of the year, current hair condition and more. In this blog post we look at some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the perfect hair colour.

Match You Hair and Skin Tone

When choosing the perfect hair colour you want to compliment your hair colour to your skin tone. For example, if you have a pink complexion and lighter skin then a warmer hair colour will work beautifully with your skin tone. However, if you have more olive skin, why not opt for a lighter hair colour? We wouldn’t recommend you go more than 2 steps lighter or darker that your current hair colour, so you have a happy medium. Unless you are feeling really brave and want to make a real impact!

The Impacts

Different hair colours will have different impacts on your hair. For example, if you have dark coloured hair it can look thicker and fuller. However lighter hair colours will accentuate textures and layers in your hair. Think about the colour of your hair with your new haircut or style as well. Would you like a single colour all over, or different shades to give your new hair dimensions?

Hair Condition

If you have weak or brittle hair we would recommend that you avoid any big colour changes as this can further damage your hair. When you colour your hair to a lighter shade you are stripping the pigment from your hair. We would recommend that if you have weak or damaged hair you go just one shade darker or lighter than your current hair colour.

Your Personality

Your hair colour is about you. You will be the person that sees it the most and you know the reaction you want from people when they see it. If you want to choose a colour that stands out then go for it, don’t be afraid of judgement because if you love the colour you will look fabulous and confident with it anyway. The perfect hair colour will leave you feeling happier and more confident in yourself.

Remember Your Age

As you age we recommend that you opt for lighter hair colours. Our skin ages over the years and we are more likely to get grey hairs. Lighter colours hide these greys better than darker colours that can make the greys look more prominent. Choosing a lighter hair colour will also reflect your skin tone perfectly, creating soft looking skin.

If you need help choosing the perfect hair colour, speak to our hair colourists in Sawtry. We will be only too happy to book you in for a hair consultation and chat about your dream hair colour.