Covid-19 Update

I feel we need to start this blog post by saying we have missed you all so much. We also want to say thank-you so much to those of you that have followed our requirements and guidelines during hair appointments in Sawtry over the last few weeks. It has certainly been a learning curve for us all.

For those clients that have not yet been in for their first hair appointment in Sawtry since lockdown, we have listed below what you can expect;

  • Face Coverings & PPE

We do require you to wear a facemask, with elastic round your ears, before entering the salon. This face mask must be worn for your entire visit and not removed until you leave the hair salon. This is for the safety of our other clients, for your own safety and the safety of our hairdressers too.

You’ll see that our hairdressers in Sawtry are wearing the correct PPE too. This includes masks, visors, plastic aprons and glover in some cases. We still want to hear all about what you have been up to during lockdown and your hair goals. However, we will be keeping our masks on and request that you do the same when chatting.

  • Skin Tests

If you have not had a hair colour appointment with us, within the last 6 months we will request you pop in for a skin test 48 hours before your appointment. If you have used a box dye since you last saw us, again we would request that you come in for a skin test before your hair colour appointment in Sawtry. We will not be able to complete your hair colour appointment if you have not had a skin test prior to your appointment. This is for your health and safety.

  • Appointments

Due to cleaning in-between appointments and social distancing we will have less clients in the salon at a time. Hair appointments will take longer – but this will mean that we can catch up on lost time too. We request that you arrive on-time for your appointment, and do not arrive too early or late. This is because we need to limit the amount of people in the salon at one time. Please book your hair appointment online or via phone. Previously, we loved you popping in to book your hair appointment, but this is not ideal at present.

  • Illness

If you are experiencing any symptoms of coronavirus or someone in your family is, we would request that you cancel your appointment as soon as possible. We will get you booked in again once you have finished isolating.

  • Contact

It will be air-hugs, waves and air-fives for the time being, but our level of service will not falter. We look forward to seeing you soon, and then again when the world returns to a more ‘normal’ state.