Should I Dye My Hair At Home Or In A Hair Salon?

Taking the hair colour plunge for the first time? Or maybe you have had the same colour for years and feel like you’re ready to change it up for something new? It’s only normal that you may be wondering if you should just dye your hair at home. Or maybe it would be better to have your hair coloured in the salon?

Hundreds and thousands of people colour their hair at home. Yet, hundreds and thousands of people also get their hair coloured in the hair salon. Below we explain why we think you should get your hair coloured in a hair salon, instead of at home.

Hair Consultation

The biggest advantage of having your hair coloured in a salon is the free hair consultation. Our hairdressers in Sawtry have spent years training and colouring hair. They know what colour you can achieve form your hair. They also know what colours match your skin. You can have the best intentions when colouring your hair at home, but the final colour can be vastly different from what you expect.

Expert Knowledge

If you want to achieve a hairstyle with dimensions, shades and colour graduation then you’ll need expert knowledge. While an all-over hair dye at home may seem simple, what if you want something more? Our experienced hair colourists in Sawtry can help you with grey hair blending, highlights, lowlights, baby lights and balayage. Our hairstylists are experienced at creating stunning and natural looing hair with vibrant colours and tones.

Greys Be Gone

If you’re trying to banish grey hair, then a salon for your hair colouring is definitely the best option for you. Box dyes can conceal your grey hairs at first, but after a week or two the strong and sharp lines of your greys will soon come through. Our hairstylists in Sawtry are experienced at grey hair blending. They know the tricks, tips and tools to use to blend in your grey hairs, so you won’t need to touch up every week or two. This will save you the strain on your hair and your purse from repeat colouring and touch ups.

You Could Save Big

Box dyes might look like the perfect colour for your hair, but they are based on the hair colours of everyone. Mid-brown to you may be completely different for someone else. The thickness and condition of your hair needs to be taken into account. We often see ladies come into our salon with hats or scarves on because the box dye colour that looked so perfect, turned out so wrong. It then costs more to do a hair colour correct treatment, as opposed to just getting the right colour the first time with our professionals.

Should I Dye My Hair At Home Or In A Hair Salon?

The bottom line, as with everything, is that you get what you pay for. Only a qualified hairdresser can deliver the exact colour you are after in the exact style you want. They’ll be able to do it professionally for you, while you sit back and relax (without ruining the towels at home that you would when doing your own box dye).

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