Weird Things That Happen To Your Hair In The Winter

Every winter there are weird things that you will notice happen to your hair. It’s the cold temperatures that the winter weather brings. According to science, these are the most common, but weird, things that happen to your hair in the winter.

  1. Your Hair Will Be Dry

It doesn’t matter how moisturised and wonderful your hair is the rest of the year, the cold winter weather will make your hair dry. When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, you’ll quickly find that dry hair is the root of all evil. As the weather gets colder the moisture in the air decreases and this leaves your hair feeling dry. We would recommend you treat yourself to a deep hydrating mask, just once a week during the winter months. It will help keep your hair moisturised and hydrated during those chilly months.

  1. Your Hair Will Be Dull

Another of the weird things that happen to your hair in winter is that your hair will become dull, as well as dry. The best way that you can keep your hair shiny and glowing is with the hydrating mask, which helps hydrate and moisturise your hair. There are some brilliant shine mist sprays on the market too. These are a great product for maintaining the sheen to your hair. If you don’t want your luscious locks looking a little worn, treat yourself to a shine mist and some hydrating hair masks. You’ll soon get the shine back in your hair again.

  1. Split Ends Will Appear

As the air becomes dryer, your hair will become more brittle too. This means that your hair will be more prone to breakage, in particular split ends! Just as with dull and dry hair, we would recommend a moisturising or hydrating mask. You can also slow down the process of split ends by holding back on heated tools or using less heat if heated tools are required.

  1. You May Lose Some Hair

There is such thing as seasonal hair loss. While some people think that the cold weather results in hair loss, this isn’t quite the case. Instead, you are more likely to lose more hair during the colder months due to a mix of a lack of hydration and a lack of humidity. This is especially the case when you compare the hydration and humidity through warmer weather to the colder weather in the winter months. While it is one of the weird things to happen to your hair in the winter, it is normal and not something that you should worry about.

Why not book in your hair appointment in Sawtry now, ready for when we open again. We can chop off those split ends and treat your hair to some essential hydration products too.