Covering Your Roots Without Hair Dye

Hair salons in Cambridgeshire are set to open their doors later this month, but a lot of us are struggling with roots NOW! The average hair grows around 1cm per month. If you had your hair coloured in Huntingdon before the lockdown, you can see why your roots may be very visible now.

While we will soon be open, we have lots of people on our waiting list. We will also need to complete hair colour tests 48 hours before hair colour appointments in Huntingdon. This means you may have a little longer to wait until you can come in to freshen up your colour.

However, help is at hand. There are some natural ways to cover your roots without hair dye, until you can get back in our salon again.

For example, you can accessorise. Grab the hair bands, scarfs and clips to create some really cute looks until you can come and get your hair coloured. A strategically placed clip where re-growth is more visible is a great way to detract from the roots with beauty.

Why not change your hair parting? Move a centre parting to the side or flip the side-parting to the other side. This can help reduce the amount of visible re-growth. Have a go at moving your parting in the mirror. See which parting position minimises the amount of root growth you can see. Remember, this is only for the short-term until we can get those roots covered for you.

Adding volume on top of your heard can help reduce the depth and visibility of your roots. Try curling your hair or event back-combing it. Both of these techniques will add volume to your hair which can detract from the root growth.

Another option to disguise those roots is through plaits. Side plaits, fresh plaits and loose plaits are a really good way of sweeping your hair back to disguise your roots. It’s a really great look too and a hairstyle you might get used to going forward.

Now could be the time to embrace your natural hair colour and grow out any hair colour you have. Balayage and ombre are really popular hair colouring techniques in Huntingdon. Why not leave your roots to grow out naturally and give your hair stylist more opportunities to create your dream hair going forward?

If you haven’t booked an appointment for our reopening later this month yet, call our team. We will book you in for a hair consultation and make sure you and your hair look and feel fabulous.




How To Care For Coloured Hair

Our expert hair colourists in Huntingdon have been colouring hair for years. Over this time, they have built up a wealth of knowledge and now the top tip to care for coloured hair. The general rule when it comes to caring for coloured hair, is that it needs an extra bit of care.

With proper care and attention, you can maintain your hair colour, leaving it silky and shiny for longer. Our Huntingdon hairdressers share their top tips to care for coloured hair below. Have a read and give them a go. The incredible results may surprise you.

Wash Hair Less

The best way to care for your coloured hair is to wash it less. We would recommend washing it just 2-3 times a week. If you tend to get oily roots, we recommend a spray of dry shampoo to help it last an extra day. The big issue is, the more you wash your hair, the faster the colour fades. Try to cut down on excessive hair washing and your beautiful hair colour will last longer.

The Right Shampoo

When you have your hair coloured in Huntingdon, we would always recommend a colour protective shampoo to protect your new colour and keep it looking fresh. Using your ordinary shampoo can actually damage the colour of your hair and wash it away. If you’re not sure of the best shampoo for your new colour or hair type, ask. Our hair stylists are here to help and offer advice to ensure your hair stays looking great.


Hair does get damaged through colouring and will become more fragile. It is common for some people to say their hair feels and looks dry after colouring, if it’s not looked after properly. One of the biggest factors of healthy hair is hydration. Every time you wash your hair, use the conditioner too. It will form a protective barrier and prevent your hair colour from washing out. Deep conditioning masks are a great idea and a nice treat for your hair too.

Minimise Heat Styling

We all know that heat styling tools can damage our hair. However, using excessive heat on coloured hair can cause the colour to fade and make hair look dry. If you can only air dry your hair, this is the best solution. However, if your hairstyle needs heated tools, just use them sparingly and turn down the heat.

Here at Rumours Hairdressers in Sawtry, we will always take the time to understand you, your hair and your hair routine. Get in contact now to book a hair consultation and appointment so we can create the perfect hairstyle for you.

Post Lockdown Hairstyles For 2021

Post Lockdown Hairstyles For 2021

It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t come without its challenges. It affected the health and wellbeing of many of us, and it damaged our hair too. But we are in 2021 now, and brighter days are coming. We’re sure of it! Now is the time to focus on the future, and some fabulous post lockdown hairstyles for the year ahead.

We’ve been closed on and off for a year now. This means we have a lot of clients desperate to get their hair appointments in Huntingdon with us. Sadly, this means we will not be able to fit in everyone within that first week. So, we have put together this bog post of some post lockdown hairstyles you can rock, just as soon we can get you in the hair salon. A little lockdown hair inspiration to keep you going.

The Lob

If you normally wear your hair short, then it’s likely it has grown out slightly over the last few months. This means that now could be the time to mix things up a bit. Depending on how long ago your last hair cut in Huntingdon was, you may be able to consider some different hairstyles. Maybe a nicely textured lob or sharp bob is the new look for you?

Natural Colours

The biggest thing that many of our clients are noticing is their hair colour. The roots are a little more than obvious in many of our client’s hair, where we haven’t been able to see them for so long. But maybe now is the time to work with that? When was the last time you saw your natural hair colour? Maybe now is the perfect time to embrace it. Instead of booking for a full head of colour in Huntingdon, why not consider something different? You could have some highlights or balayage, or just ask your hair stylist to blend in your natural roots and brighten up your hair.

Crazy Fringe Time

Now could be the time to be brave and try something a little different. The best way to change up your look without a complete fresh hairstyle, is to add a fringe. This doesn’t have to be the severe fringe you may be picturing. Instead, it could be soft subtle bangs, or a side swept fringe. If you decide that you’re not keen, you can just grow it out.

Do you feel inspired by our post lockdown hairstyles? Now is your time to change your look, and your hair is ready. Book a hair consultation to help you choose the best hairstyle and colouring for you. We can’t wait to see you back in the salon, just as soon as we are allowed.



Celeb Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

At the first sign of wrinkles or aging, many of us rush to the dermatologists for fillers and miracles creams; but there is another way. A change of hairstyle could be just what you need to take years off you. Below we have listed some of the most popular celeb hairstyles that will make you look years younger.

Charlize Theron & The Sharp Bob

Avoid the severe matron look and go for a more modern sharp bob like Charlize Theron. This chin-length bob gives off the illusions of fullness. The shape of the cut creates fuller. younger looking hair too. If you want more volume, ask your hairstylist to cut into the ends. This will result in an uneven edge which creates a fresher, more flattering look that a standard blunt bob.

Jane Fonda & The Curly Bob

Long hair can drag down the eyes down and emphasis any dropping features we might have. Meanwhile, a shorter cut is the equivalent of a non-surgical facelift. The eyes are drawn away from any imperfections on the face. Instead, the hair frames the face and perks up the features. The curly bob adds a lifting effect to the face.

Rashida Jones & Asymmetrical Bangs

If you have a high forehead then bangs are a great idea. However, if you don’t have a high forehead, we would recommend you step away from the bangs as they attract attention to any imperfections. Very long bangs work brilliantly at covering forehead lines. The different lengths of asymmetrical bangs don’t hide your eyes or make them look droopy, instead they balance out a long forehead and emphasise cheekbones.

Halle Berry & Angular-Cut Bangs

Less precise cuts on bangs creates a finish of more shape, without hiding your eyes and your entire forehead. If you want to add depth and warmth to the style, why not add highlights to long bangs like Halle Berry? This will add depth and warmth to the hair, but also the contours of your face.

Jennifer Aniston & Golden Highlights

Jennifer Aniston in now in her 50’s ad some say she is looking younger than ever. We feel this is due to her sunny golden highlights, loose waves and face-framing layers. The shades in her hair match her gorgeous olive-tones skin perfectly to create a younger looking finish to her hair and face.

If you’re looking for a celeb hairstyle that will make you look younger; why not book your next hair appointment with us now. We are covid-safe and following all government guidelines. Our team will get you booked in for as soon as we can open again.

Caring For Red Hair

If you’re been thinking about joining the red hair club; now is your chance. Red heads are the rarest hair colour of all and a really popular hair colour shade. However, achieving the perfect red shade and keeping that shade can be tricky. But don’t worry. Help is at hand. We have put together some top tips for caring for red hair.

  • Prevent Fading

Every time your hair gets wet, your hair cuticles will swell. This means that the dye molecules will escape. These escaping hair colour molecules will result in your hair colour fading. We would recommend that you wait at least three days after you have been to the hair salon to wash your hair for the first time. This will help to ensure that your hair cuticle is fully sealed.

  • Go Darker

Red hair will always start dark and fade. We recommend that you go slightly darker than your desired colour to get the perfect colour. Don’t panic when you come back from the salon and your hair is bolder than hoped. It will fade to your chosen colour. Your chosen hue will then last longer and not fade.

  • The Colour Palette

Red isn’t just red anymore when it comes to hair colour. The red colour palette starts at shades like apricot. It then goes up to fire red engine, after going through gorgeous ginger and colourful copper shades. You can even view the red colour palette right up to a vampy dark red or violet. Make sure you check out the different red shades and choose the right colour would your hair colourist at Rumours Hair Salon to ensure you get the right red for you.

  • Refresh!

Your roots will start to reappear after roughly 4 to 6 weeks. This is also the time that your hair colour may be due a refresh. That said, everyone’s hair is different. Check with your hair colourist in Sawtry when they are doing your hair colour. They will be able to recommend that best time for you to return and book your next hair appointment in Sawtry for you.