Caring For Red Hair

If you’re been thinking about joining the red hair club; now is your chance. Red heads are the rarest hair colour of all and a really popular hair colour shade. However, achieving the perfect red shade and keeping that shade can be tricky. But don’t worry. Help is at hand. We have put together some top tips for caring for red hair.

  • Prevent Fading

Every time your hair gets wet, your hair cuticles will swell. This means that the dye molecules will escape. These escaping hair colour molecules will result in your hair colour fading. We would recommend that you wait at least three days after you have been to the hair salon to wash your hair for the first time. This will help to ensure that your hair cuticle is fully sealed.

  • Go Darker

Red hair will always start dark and fade. We recommend that you go slightly darker than your desired colour to get the perfect colour. Don’t panic when you come back from the salon and your hair is bolder than hoped. It will fade to your chosen colour. Your chosen hue will then last longer and not fade.

  • The Colour Palette

Red isn’t just red anymore when it comes to hair colour. The red colour palette starts at shades like apricot. It then goes up to fire red engine, after going through gorgeous ginger and colourful copper shades. You can even view the red colour palette right up to a vampy dark red or violet. Make sure you check out the different red shades and choose the right colour would your hair colourist at Rumours Hair Salon to ensure you get the right red for you.

  • Refresh!

Your roots will start to reappear after roughly 4 to 6 weeks. This is also the time that your hair colour may be due a refresh. That said, everyone’s hair is different. Check with your hair colourist in Sawtry when they are doing your hair colour. They will be able to recommend that best time for you to return and book your next hair appointment in Sawtry for you.