Celeb Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

At the first sign of wrinkles or aging, many of us rush to the dermatologists for fillers and miracles creams; but there is another way. A change of hairstyle could be just what you need to take years off you. Below we have listed some of the most popular celeb hairstyles that will make you look years younger.

Charlize Theron & The Sharp Bob

Avoid the severe matron look and go for a more modern sharp bob like Charlize Theron. This chin-length bob gives off the illusions of fullness. The shape of the cut creates fuller. younger looking hair too. If you want more volume, ask your hairstylist to cut into the ends. This will result in an uneven edge which creates a fresher, more flattering look that a standard blunt bob.

Jane Fonda & The Curly Bob

Long hair can drag down the eyes down and emphasis any dropping features we might have. Meanwhile, a shorter cut is the equivalent of a non-surgical facelift. The eyes are drawn away from any imperfections on the face. Instead, the hair frames the face and perks up the features. The curly bob adds a lifting effect to the face.

Rashida Jones & Asymmetrical Bangs

If you have a high forehead then bangs are a great idea. However, if you don’t have a high forehead, we would recommend you step away from the bangs as they attract attention to any imperfections. Very long bangs work brilliantly at covering forehead lines. The different lengths of asymmetrical bangs don’t hide your eyes or make them look droopy, instead they balance out a long forehead and emphasise cheekbones.

Halle Berry & Angular-Cut Bangs

Less precise cuts on bangs creates a finish of more shape, without hiding your eyes and your entire forehead. If you want to add depth and warmth to the style, why not add highlights to long bangs like Halle Berry? This will add depth and warmth to the hair, but also the contours of your face.

Jennifer Aniston & Golden Highlights

Jennifer Aniston in now in her 50’s ad some say she is looking younger than ever. We feel this is due to her sunny golden highlights, loose waves and face-framing layers. The shades in her hair match her gorgeous olive-tones skin perfectly to create a younger looking finish to her hair and face.

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