How To Care For Coloured Hair

Our expert hair colourists in Huntingdon have been colouring hair for years. Over this time, they have built up a wealth of knowledge and now the top tip to care for coloured hair. The general rule when it comes to caring for coloured hair, is that it needs an extra bit of care.

With proper care and attention, you can maintain your hair colour, leaving it silky and shiny for longer. Our Huntingdon hairdressers share their top tips to care for coloured hair below. Have a read and give them a go. The incredible results may surprise you.

Wash Hair Less

The best way to care for your coloured hair is to wash it less. We would recommend washing it just 2-3 times a week. If you tend to get oily roots, we recommend a spray of dry shampoo to help it last an extra day. The big issue is, the more you wash your hair, the faster the colour fades. Try to cut down on excessive hair washing and your beautiful hair colour will last longer.

The Right Shampoo

When you have your hair coloured in Huntingdon, we would always recommend a colour protective shampoo to protect your new colour and keep it looking fresh. Using your ordinary shampoo can actually damage the colour of your hair and wash it away. If you’re not sure of the best shampoo for your new colour or hair type, ask. Our hair stylists are here to help and offer advice to ensure your hair stays looking great.


Hair does get damaged through colouring and will become more fragile. It is common for some people to say their hair feels and looks dry after colouring, if it’s not looked after properly. One of the biggest factors of healthy hair is hydration. Every time you wash your hair, use the conditioner too. It will form a protective barrier and prevent your hair colour from washing out. Deep conditioning masks are a great idea and a nice treat for your hair too.

Minimise Heat Styling

We all know that heat styling tools can damage our hair. However, using excessive heat on coloured hair can cause the colour to fade and make hair look dry. If you can only air dry your hair, this is the best solution. However, if your hairstyle needs heated tools, just use them sparingly and turn down the heat.

Here at Rumours Hairdressers in Sawtry, we will always take the time to understand you, your hair and your hair routine. Get in contact now to book a hair consultation and appointment so we can create the perfect hairstyle for you.