Covering Your Roots Without Hair Dye

Hair salons in Cambridgeshire are set to open their doors later this month, but a lot of us are struggling with roots NOW! The average hair grows around 1cm per month. If you had your hair coloured in Huntingdon before the lockdown, you can see why your roots may be very visible now.

While we will soon be open, we have lots of people on our waiting list. We will also need to complete hair colour tests 48 hours before hair colour appointments in Huntingdon. This means you may have a little longer to wait until you can come in to freshen up your colour.

However, help is at hand. There are some natural ways to cover your roots without hair dye, until you can get back in our salon again.

For example, you can accessorise. Grab the hair bands, scarfs and clips to create some really cute looks until you can come and get your hair coloured. A strategically placed clip where re-growth is more visible is a great way to detract from the roots with beauty.

Why not change your hair parting? Move a centre parting to the side or flip the side-parting to the other side. This can help reduce the amount of visible re-growth. Have a go at moving your parting in the mirror. See which parting position minimises the amount of root growth you can see. Remember, this is only for the short-term until we can get those roots covered for you.

Adding volume on top of your heard can help reduce the depth and visibility of your roots. Try curling your hair or event back-combing it. Both of these techniques will add volume to your hair which can detract from the root growth.

Another option to disguise those roots is through plaits. Side plaits, fresh plaits and loose plaits are a really good way of sweeping your hair back to disguise your roots. It’s a really great look too and a hairstyle you might get used to going forward.

Now could be the time to embrace your natural hair colour and grow out any hair colour you have. Balayage and ombre are really popular hair colouring techniques in Huntingdon. Why not leave your roots to grow out naturally and give your hair stylist more opportunities to create your dream hair going forward?

If you haven’t booked an appointment for our reopening later this month yet, call our team. We will book you in for a hair consultation and make sure you and your hair look and feel fabulous.