You Deserve Shiny Hair

You Deserve Shiny Hair And Here’s How To Get It

The desire for shiny hair transcends all hair types, textures and styles. We all dream of gloriously glossy locks that shimmer in the natural sunlight and shine throughout the day. The fight against dry and dull hair is real.

Shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. In this blog post we share our top tips for getting the shiny hair you deserve.

Leave In Conditioner

Hair masks and leave in conditioner are designed to nurture your hair. They do this by locking the moisture into your locks. Purchasing a good quality leave-in conditioner from our hair salon in Huntingdon will achieve incredible results for you, such as stronger, smoother and hydrated hair that’s isn’t tangly. Add the regular use of a hair mask into your routine and you’ll be well on the way to getting your shiny hair you dream of.

Hair Toner

Hair toner is a like a ‘top-coat’ for your hair. However, it has a lot of forms and can offer huge benefits to your hair. Toners are basically semi-permanent colouring products. They are used to enhance the natural toe of your hair. This is why toning your hair adds extra shine and body to your hair. It’s important to note that toning can be a complex process so please speak to our hair colour experts in Huntingdon before attempting it at home.

Heat Protection

The biggest enemy of healthy and shiny hair is heat! While it may seem annoying and time consuming to use heat protecting products before grabbing your heated tools, your hair will thank you for it. The extra effort is really worth it. Good quality heat protection products will create a protective barrier between your fragile proteins that make up your hair and searing heat of your tools. They will also give your hair that extra gloss and shine you’re looking for.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your hair regularly throughout the day with a natural bristle brush will help add shine to your hair. The natural bristles of the brush will help to distribute your natural oils through your hair, which results in healthier and glossier looking hair. Nylon bristle brushes can actually do your hair more harm than good. If you are looking at investing in a new natural bristle brush, we would recommend a boar bristle brush.

Book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon now and we can offer more recommendation for shiny hair, based on your hair type and hair routine.