Making Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thin hair is a common problem. Everyone with thinner hair looks at their friends with luscious manes and wishes their hair was thicker too. However, it might turn out that your friends and those thicker hair owners that you admire, also weren’t born with thick luscious locks. Perhaps they have been using some of our tricks below to create the look of thicker hair?

So, how can you go about making your thin hair look thicker too?

Thickening Hair Products

There are thickening shampoo and conditioners on the market that have been designed to temporarily ‘plump’ your hair. Pop into our salon in Huntingdon for a chat with our hairdressers for their recommendations on the best thickening shampoo and conditioners for your hair type. The hair products will give your hair volume and boost, if only on a temporary basis.

Shorter Hair

Book yourself in for a hair cut and opt for a shorter style. Long hairs are heavy, and they can pull your hair down. The extra weight of the longer hair can pull your hair against the scalp which makes it look thinner. A shorter hairstyle emphasises the fluffy and feathery textures of a good hair cut in Huntingdon. The heavy layers of shorter cuts will also add structure to your mane, as well as volume. Any cut above the shoulder will help give your hair volume, but a choppy hair cut is highly recommended too.


Highlights create the optical illusion of thicker hair due to the depth that the highlights bring to your hair. Professional highlights create contrast and the illusion of depth. The highlights will emphasise the layers in your hair. They also break up any areas of flat hair colour which in turn helps prevent the limp and lacklustre look that thin hair can sometimes give off. Our professional hair colour experts in Huntingdon can use highlights delicately and well-placed, to achieve the appearance of depth and drama.

These are just three ways of making your thin hair look thicker, but if you’d like some hands-on advice, book yourself in for a hair consultation. Our professional hair stylists will take the time to talk to you about your hair routine, look at your hair and recommend some top tips for making your thin hair look thicker. They’ll share some great tips with you that are individual to you and the quirks of your hair.