Contrasting Colours And Warm Highlights This Autumn

While we can’t believe it either, autumn is upon us. The shops are already stocking up on autumn clothes such as large bags, hats, scarves, big woolly jumpers and thick coats. But is your hair colour ready for the autumn months?

Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Huntingdon our hair stylists are ready to give your hair the autumn colour trend you’re looking for. While contrasting colours and warm highlights may be the colour trend this autumn, our hair colourists will recommend the right autumn hair trend for you, your hair and your complexion.

Contrasting Colours

Dua Lipa and Ruby Rose started the trend of contrasting colours in the summer months, and this has followed on into the autumn and winter seasons too. If you like bold hair colours that really stand out, then this is a great autumn colour hair trend for you. The contrasting colour autumn trend works well for brunettes looking to add some lighter framing to their face too.

If you’re looking to add pops of colour to your hair, this is a trend that you will love. It works well for all hair colours, even with bold and bright shades. The only question you need to ask yourself is if you want hair that will turn heads and grab attention?

Warm Highlights

The second autumn colour hair trend this season is warm highlights. If you’re looking to add depth and dimension to your hair, warm highlights are a great way of doing this. It’s also a classic colour technique that our hair colourists in Huntingdon are very experienced at creating incredible results through.

When we say warm highlights, we want you to think champagne, caramel and honey tones. Move away from the icy silvers and platinum shades of the summer months. The great thing about warm highlights is that they will add softness to your hair too, while giving off a shiny and fuller hair look too.

Is Your Hair Autumn Ready?

If you want to get your hair colour autumn ready, then book your hair appointment now.