Winter 2021 Hair Trends

Winter 2021 Hair Trends

Winter 2021 Hair Trends

Winter can be a tricky time for our clients. The brave and short hairstyles of the warmer summer months are a thing of the past. Now it’s all about warmth, in length, volume and colour. Finding a hairstyle that is winter weatherproof, from wind and rain, can be tricky. Hair is more prone to damage in the winter months, so you want a winter hairstyle that looks healthy too.

In this blog post we share just some of the winter 2021 hair trends that will look and feel warm and healthy. Check out the winter 2021 hair trends and see which one you might like to try.

Choppy Cuts

Chopping cuts were a huge trend in the summer and they look set to stay for the winter months too. We find that choppy cuts are a really great hairstyle for those wanting a low-maintenance hair style. All that’s needed is a touch of texturizing spray to enhance the volume and style. Then you’re away. Our hairdressers in Huntingdon can show you how to style your hair and recommend hair products too.

Fab Fringes

Full fringes will be an extremely popular winter 2021 hair trend. They look stylish and trendy with any hair length. This includes shirt bobs, mid-length cuts and long luscious locks. A full fringe is a fab way to update your hairstyle and transform your hair for a completely new and fresh look. Our hair stylists in Huntingdon can help you choose the right length fringe for you and your face shape to ensure you leave the salon looking and feeling fabulous.

Wet Look Waves

If you’re looking for a glamourous look for the work Christmas party, then wet-look waves are for you. The key is the hair products you use. Again, our professional and friendly hairstylists can recommend the best products for you. Mixing a hair gel and shine crème together can get the perfect wet look waves result that you’re looking for. It’s all about the slicked-back hair and you’ll have a style that is completely winters weather-proof.

Terrific Texture

The winter months are a great time to embrace the natural textures of your hair. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, use this winter as your chance to show them off. Grab a mousse and scrunch it into your hair when it’s still damp. Then leave your hair to air dry naturally. The final result – stunning hair that your friends will envy you for.

Need a hand getting the right winter 2021 hair trend for you? Why nook book a free hair consultation. You can sit with our hairstylists and talk about the best style for you.