Winter 2022 Hair Trends You’ll Love

Our hairstylists in Huntingdon have been going through all the latest winter 2022 hair trends and they’ve put together their favourites below. These are the ones that we think you’ll love. We can’t wait to help you try out this winter.

While the change in season to winter brings cold and wet weather, we still love it when the seasons change. It gives us a chance to get our winter wardrobes out and get warm and cosy. As our wardrobes get updated, many of us want to update for the new season too. If that’s you, then help is at hand. We are here to give you the winter hair trend you love for the season ahead.

These are the winter 2022 winter hair trends that we think you’ll love:

  • Red Hair

Shades of red, copper, gingers and more and super popular at the moment. The best thing about red hair, is that there is the right red shade for everyone and their skin tone. You can go balayage to embrace the warmer palette of autumnal colours or go full copper to match the colours of the leaves. Our hair colour specialists in Huntingdon can help you choose the right red for you.

  • Strawberry Highlights

Are you looking to warm your hair colour this winter? Why not try a strawberry highlight looks? Strawberry highlights in Huntingdon are becoming really popular. This is because it’s a soft change that doesn’t require constant touch ups. You can also control and choose the colour, depth and boldness you want. Just like strawberries come in different shades, so can your strawberry shades.

  • Mid-Length Bobs

While the 90’s owned the mid-length bob, this hair cut in Huntingdon is back stronger than ever before. It’s important to note it is a mid-length bob. As the name suggests, it is shorter than a long bob, but longer than a short bob. This hair cut will fall between the shoulder and chin. It gives you a great chance to freshen up your ends while staying on trend if split-ends are becoming an issue for you. It’s an effortless style that looks great styled wet or sleek and straight.

  • Layers

Another style coming back strong from the 90’s is those layers. Blunt ends will be popular this winter, but they are not the only winter hair trend you can expect to see. The layered haircut in Huntingdon is a great way for adding volume and movement. This hairstyle frames the face beautifully and gives you a stunning shape for your hair too.


Book yourself a hair appointment in Huntingdon and let’s see what our hairdressers can do for you.



Autumn 2022 Haircut Trends

We are already seeing signs of autumn outside the Rumours hair salon in Sawtry, so it felt only right that we shared the exciting autumn 2022 haircut trends for the season ahead. There are some fab hairstyles returning alongside the autumnal colours of reds, burnt oranges and browns.

In this blog post we look at the autumn 2022 haircut trends you can expect to see this upcoming season. Maybe you’d like to try one out on your hair too? You can always book a free hair consultation with our team to discuss which autumn 2022 haircut trend could work for you.

  • Soft & Bouncy Layers

This haircut trend is all about movement. It’s the old 90’s trend of the collarbone-kissing length. Think Rachel from Friends and you’re pretty close to this trend. You’ll need clean ends from your hair cut. Then, for everyday styling just grab your round brush and some volumizing spray. This will leave you with soft and bouncy layers that look great and last all day.

  • 70’s Style Cuts

The ‘too cool to care’ vibe from the 70’s is coming back as an autumn 2022 haircut trend in coming months. There will be lots of face framing layers which are a great way of growing out old bangs within the commitment of a full chop. It’s an easy to manage hairstyle which works well through the wet and windy days of the autumn season.

  • Blunt Cuts

If you have been thinking about getting rid of the length from your hair for some time, now could be the time. It will help chop off those summer sun and chlorine pool damaged ends too. For a totally chic look, opt for a blunt cut with a razor-sharp finish. It will look amazing, and your hair will feel fuller and healthier too.

  • Bottleneck Bangs

One haircut trend we are really excited to see back this autumn is the bottleneck bangs. For this hairstyle you need bans that are shorter in the middle and then longer at the side. The hair is then parted to create a bottle neck shape. It’s a fringe that is really versatile and looks amazing with a blow-dry or an updo.


You can book your free hair consultation in Huntingdon here and discuss the best hairstyle for your hair type and routine with our highly experienced hair dressers. We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.


Do I Need Toners Or Hair Colouring?

If you’re not sure what toners are and if you need or hair colouring, you’re not alone. A well-known London hair salon chain asked their clients this question in 2017. They found that 86% of their salon clients do not know what a toner was. Many of these clients had had toners and other colouring services at this salon before.

So, in this blog post we look at what toners are and why you might want to ask your hair stylist for them in Huntingdon.

Hair toners help you correct or personalise your hair colour. They are often used to add natural or more visible tones after having your hair professionally coloured. The result of a good toner is that the tones and beauty of your hair are enhanced.

Toners are most commonly used for shades of blonde hair. However, they can be beneficial for brunettes and red heads too. Hair toners are used to tone up, or tone down your hair. Our hair colourists in Huntingdon will often use toners on your hair to add warmth to your hair colour or make your hair tone cooler. Toners can also be used to add a pop of colour to your hair without lifting the shade of your hair.

Our stylists in Huntingdon love using toners to add natural shine to client’s hair. The hair toners also add softness to your hair and high protection for your hair fibres too. This will help to maintain your hair colour and condition when you have left the salon.

If your hair has been coloured or bleached, then a hair toner can be used on it. Why not talk about the benefits of using a hair toner on your hair during your next hair appointment in Huntingdon? Our hair colouring team will happily offer their advice, guidance and recommendations to ensure you get the best hair colour for you.

Call us now to book your hair consultation or hair colour appointment.

Sunny Hairstyles To Show Off Your Hair This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to show off your hair. You can literally wear it a million different ways and it will always look good. There will be no wintery winds to leave it looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards, or rain to leave you like a drowned rat. Instead, the summer hairstyle you choose to show off your hair this summer will be the style you keep all day.

The sunny hot weather can be somewhat ‘unkind’ to those with wavy or thick hair. However, these sunny hairstyles to show of your hair this summer will work for all hair types. It’s just about choosing what you like and what works for you, and your hair.

So, here are our top sunny hairstyles to show off your hair this summer.

  • Go Short

If you have longer hair that can be trickier to manage in the warmer weather, why not go shorter? You’re swapping from long trousers to shorts, so why not shorten your hair too? Whether it’s a trin in our Huntingdon salon, or a bolder hairstyle like shaved sides or asymmetrical lines through the centre – going short this summer could be the coolest thing you could do!

  • Get Braiding

Why not try braiding your hair or trying out braided hair do’s? These can look a lot more summer-ish and more interesting than ponytails and top knots. They will feel more glam too. It will keep your hair off your face and when taken out can give you some cute curls for the evening. If you have pesky flyaway, just grab a light oil to keep them in place.

  • Dry Naturally

Instead of reaching the hair dryers and risking heat damage to your hair, let your hair dry naturally. After freshly shampooing your hair, opt for a high moisture conditioner. Make sure you use enough to cover your hair as it will dry out in the hot summer sun. Remember to use lots of moisturising products on your hair, ends and curls – but be careful around the roots.

  • Think Grecian

Picture a stunning Grecian lady in her robe. Now picture her hair. Going Grecian is a really popular style in summer. Once you have left your hair to dry or curl naturally, pin up small sections with hair slides, pins or butterfly clips. This will create a loose styled updo that will keep your cool while needing minimal effort to achieve – and it will look great, day or night.

Looking to try out a new hairstyle or colour this summer? Call us now to book your free hair consultation and we can help you choose the right hair style and colour for you and your hair this summer.



What’s So Great About Balayage Hair In Huntingdon?

Many people thought that balayage would just be another trend or fad. However, it definitely seems to be here for the long term. Afterall, the balayage hair colouring technique creates stunning results. It leaves our hairdressing client feeling red carpet ready.

Further to this, there are many practical benefits to balayage in Huntingdon. We have listed some of these practical benefits below so you can see what’s so great about balayage hair. If you want to find out more why not call our team, or book a free hair colour consultation to see if balayage could work for you?

  • It’s Low Maintenance

Many clients avoid hair colour changes because of the high maintenance involved. However, if you love a pop of colour but don’t want the maintenance, balayage could really work for you. It’s extremely low maintenance when compared to foils or highlights for example. The smooth blend of hair colour enables the hair to grow out gradually in a phased-out growth. This means less visits to the hairdressers to top up your colour or roots.

  • It’s Cost Effective

Balayage is kinder on the bank balance than some other hair colouring techniques in Huntingdon. This is because your great balayage colour and style will last for months. We also have a selection of hair care products at our salon. This will help you keep that sun-kissed balayage colour and look right through the year.

  • It Limits Damage

While freshly coloured hair looks great, staying on top of regrowth can be damaging to your hair. To maintain a full head of colour and keep it looking it’s best you will need to expose your hair to colouring products on a regular basis. Over time, this can be damaging to your hair. When it comes to balayage, your hair won’t need touching up as much. Due to distribution of the hair colour, your hair will also be prevented from becoming over processed too.

  • It’s Unique

One of our favourite things about balayage is that no two balayages are ever the same. You can have face framing highlights, or you can have warm and ashy tones to give your hair a summer glow. If you like a pop of colour, you can even opt for bold and bright colours. With balayage in Huntingdon, there is no limit. Your hairstyle and colour can be truly unique to you.


Balayage is a hair trend that is definitely here to stay. Why not book a free hair colour consultation to discuss the best balayage look and style for you and your hair?

Why You Should Visit Us Regularly

If you’re looking to maintain healthy hair, vibrant colour along with strength and growth – you need to see us regularly. We would recommend that you visit us for a hair appointment in Huntingdon at least once every four to six weeks. There are loads of benefits to having a regular haircut in Huntingdon for you and your hair. We have shared the top three benefits below so you can see why you should visit us regularly.

  1. Healthy Hair

Having regular hair appointments in Huntingdon will keep your hair in its healthiest possible condition. Adding a hair care treatment on too when you have your hair cut or coloured will keep your luscious locks as fresh, beautiful and healthy as possible. Dependent on your hair type, we would recommend a visit to our hairdressers in Huntingdon at least every 4 to 6 weeks.

  1. Vibrant Hair Colour

If you have chosen a hair colour that you love, it’s only normal that you want to keep it look vibrant and fresh. Why not come back every 4 to 6 weeks after your hair colour appointment in Huntingdon. Our hair colourists can help you keep your hair as stunning as ever with root touch ups, a toner refresh or a quick trim. We keep a record of the colour formula used to ensure your hair colour dazzles and shines with vibrancy and freshness.

  1. Strength And Growth Promotion

If you visit our hair salon in Huntingdon regularly then this will encourage strength and vitality in your hair. A regular trim every 4-6 weeks will also promote the growth of healthy, strong hair. Our hairdressers will trim off any week or damaged hair and broken tips. Split ends can quickly work their way up your hair strands if they are not managed, cared for and maintained correctly. Regular haircuts will help avoid this.

When was the last time you went to the hairdressers? Why not call our team or drop in to the salon to book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon with our team of professional and friendly hairdressers?

Put A Spring In Your Hairstyle

Spring is coming and the sun is shining – now is the perfect time to put a spring into your hairstyle. In this blog post we share three top tips for putting a spring into your hairstyle as well as your step. That’s right – when you have fabulous looking hair, you’ll have a great spring in your step.

  • Start With A Trim

The winter has been cold and wet with a dry air. This will have taken its toll on your hair. Now spring is coming, book yourself in for a haircut in Huntingdon. Snip of those dead ends for a fresh finish. There’s no need for a big cut, just a little trim to freshen the ends and make your hair look and feel healthier and shinier too. Our hairdressers will just trim off the dry or split ends to leave your hair spring fresh.

  • Consider Lightening Your Locks

The sunnier days are coming, fancy a sunnier hair colour too? Now could be the perfect time to change from highlights to balayage. The balayage technique is where colour is painted onto your hair in a random pattern. It’s less methodical than the traditional foil highlights and adds depth with a natural finish. By keeping the lighter pieces one or two shades lighter than your base colour, this hair colouring technique can work for all hair types. The result of the balayage technique is a subtle sun-kissed look which is perfect for putting a spring in your hairstyle.

  • Think Rainy Days

While spring brings the promise of sunshine and warm weather, there is also the risk of rain. Make sure you are prepared for April showers by having a raincoat, wellies, umbrella and rainy hair day go-to style to hand. A braided top knot can be a great rainy-day style and it’s effortless and chic. It will take seconds to put your hair in a ponytail, braid it and then twist it around itself before pinning into place. This will keep your hair out of your face and look great throughout the wetter weather too.

Ready to put a spring in your hairstyle? Call us now to book your hair appointment in Huntingdon. If you are considering a hair colour change we can book you in for a complimentary hair colour consultation and colour test too.

Spring Hairstyle Trends

Spring will soon be springing, so we have been looking at some spring hairstyle trends that you might like to try out. If you’re looking to try out a fresh new style this spring, why not book a free hair consultation. Our professional hairstylists in Huntingdon can discuss the trends with you, get your hair colour test completed and book your appointment too.

So, let’s check out the spring hairstyle trends for spring 2022.

The Curly Fringe

The retro curly fringe is back, and it looks incredible. The great thing about getting this fresh hairstyle is that it doesn’t need to be a full transformation. It’s an edgy and on-trend style that doesn’t lose any length from your hair. The retro fringe can be a short curly fringe, a full fringe or a side swept fringe. Our hair stylists will help you choose the right fringe for you and your face.

Rich, Creamy Blondes

Rich, creamy blondes will be huge this spring. The buttery and vanilla shades work with all skin tones. Our hair colourists in Huntingdon will help you choose a blonde shade that create a youthful look to your face and a fresh hair colour that suits you perfectly. If you’re looking to brighten your hair colour or create a radiant glow, book your hair colour consultation now.

Blunt Bob Fringes

The blunt bob and fringe combo is set to be a major trend this spring, and it’s a fabulous hair transformation too. Lots of celebs are opting for this ultra-chic haircut. The bob is cut at the jaw level and oozes style and sophistication. The blunt cut fringe at eyebrow level finishes off this stunning hairstyle. We can also recommend any hair care products that you might need to keep your hairstyle looking ‘salon fresh’ at home.

Faded Pastel Colouring

Faded pastel hair colours are another great trend for the braver among us this. It gives you a hint of your favourite pastel shades with less commitment than bolder, stronger and more vibrant colours. Some of the more popular faded pastel colours include pretty pinks, minty greens and icy blue. These colours just add a little blush to your hair, and it will turn heads wherever you go.


If you would like to try out a new hair cut in Huntingdon for Spring, then why not call our team. We can book you in for your free hair consultation and a follow up hair appointment for a time that suits you.

The Bob Is Here To Stay For 2022

The bob was the haircut of 2021. Looking at the trends for the year ahead, it doesn’t look like the bob is going anywhere very soon either. Here at our hairdressing salon in Sawtry we have never seen so many requests for the bob. While the traditional bob is still very popular, other styles are growing in popularity too. We have seen changes in length, shape volume and styling from the stars, and this is being requested by our customers too.

If you feel that 2022 is your time for change, then why not go a little shorter with your bob. Going for a shorter bob with a soft line at jaw length works really well. It gives you a nonchalant look with a contemporary edge.

The traditional bob from the 1970’s is a great source of inspiration for 2022 bobs too. This is where the bob is dropped in length, to the shoulder. If you’re looking to keep your bob hairstyle fresh and up to date, then shorter and longer lengths are a great way of doing this.

Celine Dion was recently seen sporting a bob that is shorter at the front and sides. This is a haircut and style that does wonders for the cheekbones. If you have thick hair, this is a really good style of bob to try out too as it creates a great shape.

Some of our clients that come for a hair cut in Sawtry prefer a more punky and contrary style, and the bob can work well for this too. All you need to do is opt for a bob that keeps the edges broken and finish it with a wave. It looks great and is an easy style to keep long after your hair appointment in Huntingdon too.

Feel ready for a new hair style this new year? Book yourself a free hair consultation and our professional hair dressers can recommend the best style for you.

lady cutting hair

Why To Visit A Hair Salon For Hair Styling

It’s a great idea to visit a hair salon in Huntingdon for hair styling. The staff at our hair salon in Sawtry are hair experts and professionals. They know the sort of products that are best for your hair type. They know the right cut, style and colour too. When you first visit the salon, you will have a free hair consultation where the stylist will look closely at your hair to understand the texture, condition, roots, colour and general hair health.

When it comes to the right hair cut for you, the hairdresser will suggest a style that is best suited to your personality and your hair routine. They will also take any existing damage, split ends, length, condition and hair texture into consideration too. This will ensure that the new hair cut looks and feels great for weeks to come.

Your hair style and how it looks isn’t just down to your hair, it’s down to shape of your face and your personality too. Your hair stylist will take the time to get to know you and what you want. Do you want something classy and sophisticated, something trendy and modern or a style that stands out and turns heads? The hair stylist can then recommend styles based on your face shape and personality too.

When it comes to colouring your hair, it may seem like a cheaper option to buy a box dye from the shop, but that might not be the best option. Some cheap dyes off the shelf can cause serious damage to your hair. The dyes can also stain your scalp and skin or cause further irritation. While the box may show you the colour you can expect, very often this will not be the colour you will get. This is because the existing colour and condition of your hair can affect the final result.

However, if you choose to spend a little bit more and get your hair coloured in the salon, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the colour you want. Our hair colourists use branded and authentic products. These products won’t cause any damage to the hair. The colourists are also fully trained and experienced. This means that they know the proportions and combinations to ensure you get the hair colour you want, and a colour that lasts.

Like we said, it does cost more to go to a salon that dye your hair at home, but it is worth it. Not only will you get the colour you want, it will also last longer too. Salon quality colourings and professionally dyed hair does not fade. It will shine for weeks to come.

Why not book your free hair consultation now to see how we can help you get your dream hairstyle?