The Bob Is Here To Stay For 2022

The bob was the haircut of 2021. Looking at the trends for the year ahead, it doesn’t look like the bob is going anywhere very soon either. Here at our hairdressing salon in Sawtry we have never seen so many requests for the bob. While the traditional bob is still very popular, other styles are growing in popularity too. We have seen changes in length, shape volume and styling from the stars, and this is being requested by our customers too.

If you feel that 2022 is your time for change, then why not go a little shorter with your bob. Going for a shorter bob with a soft line at jaw length works really well. It gives you a nonchalant look with a contemporary edge.

The traditional bob from the 1970’s is a great source of inspiration for 2022 bobs too. This is where the bob is dropped in length, to the shoulder. If you’re looking to keep your bob hairstyle fresh and up to date, then shorter and longer lengths are a great way of doing this.

Celine Dion was recently seen sporting a bob that is shorter at the front and sides. This is a haircut and style that does wonders for the cheekbones. If you have thick hair, this is a really good style of bob to try out too as it creates a great shape.

Some of our clients that come for a hair cut in Sawtry prefer a more punky and contrary style, and the bob can work well for this too. All you need to do is opt for a bob that keeps the edges broken and finish it with a wave. It looks great and is an easy style to keep long after your hair appointment in Huntingdon too.

Feel ready for a new hair style this new year? Book yourself a free hair consultation and our professional hair dressers can recommend the best style for you.