What’s So Great About Balayage Hair In Huntingdon?

Many people thought that balayage would just be another trend or fad. However, it definitely seems to be here for the long term. Afterall, the balayage hair colouring technique creates stunning results. It leaves our hairdressing client feeling red carpet ready.

Further to this, there are many practical benefits to balayage in Huntingdon. We have listed some of these practical benefits below so you can see what’s so great about balayage hair. If you want to find out more why not call our team, or book a free hair colour consultation to see if balayage could work for you?

  • It’s Low Maintenance

Many clients avoid hair colour changes because of the high maintenance involved. However, if you love a pop of colour but don’t want the maintenance, balayage could really work for you. It’s extremely low maintenance when compared to foils or highlights for example. The smooth blend of hair colour enables the hair to grow out gradually in a phased-out growth. This means less visits to the hairdressers to top up your colour or roots.

  • It’s Cost Effective

Balayage is kinder on the bank balance than some other hair colouring techniques in Huntingdon. This is because your great balayage colour and style will last for months. We also have a selection of hair care products at our salon. This will help you keep that sun-kissed balayage colour and look right through the year.

  • It Limits Damage

While freshly coloured hair looks great, staying on top of regrowth can be damaging to your hair. To maintain a full head of colour and keep it looking it’s best you will need to expose your hair to colouring products on a regular basis. Over time, this can be damaging to your hair. When it comes to balayage, your hair won’t need touching up as much. Due to distribution of the hair colour, your hair will also be prevented from becoming over processed too.

  • It’s Unique

One of our favourite things about balayage is that no two balayages are ever the same. You can have face framing highlights, or you can have warm and ashy tones to give your hair a summer glow. If you like a pop of colour, you can even opt for bold and bright colours. With balayage in Huntingdon, there is no limit. Your hairstyle and colour can be truly unique to you.


Balayage is a hair trend that is definitely here to stay. Why not book a free hair colour consultation to discuss the best balayage look and style for you and your hair?