Do I Need Toners Or Hair Colouring?

If you’re not sure what toners are and if you need or hair colouring, you’re not alone. A well-known London hair salon chain asked their clients this question in 2017. They found that 86% of their salon clients do not know what a toner was. Many of these clients had had toners and other colouring services at this salon before.

So, in this blog post we look at what toners are and why you might want to ask your hair stylist for them in Huntingdon.

Hair toners help you correct or personalise your hair colour. They are often used to add natural or more visible tones after having your hair professionally coloured. The result of a good toner is that the tones and beauty of your hair are enhanced.

Toners are most commonly used for shades of blonde hair. However, they can be beneficial for brunettes and red heads too. Hair toners are used to tone up, or tone down your hair. Our hair colourists in Huntingdon will often use toners on your hair to add warmth to your hair colour or make your hair tone cooler. Toners can also be used to add a pop of colour to your hair without lifting the shade of your hair.

Our stylists in Huntingdon love using toners to add natural shine to client’s hair. The hair toners also add softness to your hair and high protection for your hair fibres too. This will help to maintain your hair colour and condition when you have left the salon.

If your hair has been coloured or bleached, then a hair toner can be used on it. Why not talk about the benefits of using a hair toner on your hair during your next hair appointment in Huntingdon? Our hair colouring team will happily offer their advice, guidance and recommendations to ensure you get the best hair colour for you.

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