Autumn 2022 Haircut Trends

We are already seeing signs of autumn outside the Rumours hair salon in Sawtry, so it felt only right that we shared the exciting autumn 2022 haircut trends for the season ahead. There are some fab hairstyles returning alongside the autumnal colours of reds, burnt oranges and browns.

In this blog post we look at the autumn 2022 haircut trends you can expect to see this upcoming season. Maybe you’d like to try one out on your hair too? You can always book a free hair consultation with our team to discuss which autumn 2022 haircut trend could work for you.

  • Soft & Bouncy Layers

This haircut trend is all about movement. It’s the old 90’s trend of the collarbone-kissing length. Think Rachel from Friends and you’re pretty close to this trend. You’ll need clean ends from your hair cut. Then, for everyday styling just grab your round brush and some volumizing spray. This will leave you with soft and bouncy layers that look great and last all day.

  • 70’s Style Cuts

The ‘too cool to care’ vibe from the 70’s is coming back as an autumn 2022 haircut trend in coming months. There will be lots of face framing layers which are a great way of growing out old bangs within the commitment of a full chop. It’s an easy to manage hairstyle which works well through the wet and windy days of the autumn season.

  • Blunt Cuts

If you have been thinking about getting rid of the length from your hair for some time, now could be the time. It will help chop off those summer sun and chlorine pool damaged ends too. For a totally chic look, opt for a blunt cut with a razor-sharp finish. It will look amazing, and your hair will feel fuller and healthier too.

  • Bottleneck Bangs

One haircut trend we are really excited to see back this autumn is the bottleneck bangs. For this hairstyle you need bans that are shorter in the middle and then longer at the side. The hair is then parted to create a bottle neck shape. It’s a fringe that is really versatile and looks amazing with a blow-dry or an updo.


You can book your free hair consultation in Huntingdon here and discuss the best hairstyle for your hair type and routine with our highly experienced hair dressers. We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon.