Our Favourite Festive Hair Colours

There is no denying that the festive season is fast approaching. If you are wanting to look fabulous as the work Christmas party, or start the New Year with a fab new look – why not consider colouring your hair in Huntingdon? There are some fabulous festive hair colours that we are in love with this season. We have shared some of our favourite festive hair colours below for you to consider.

Mushroom Brown
Mushroom Brown is definitely a shade that is having its ‘moment in the limelight’ in clothes, interiors and hair. It can be achieved with a multi-tonal, ashy and purple shades. While it isn’t brunette in colour, it’s also not quite blonde either. This is what makes it a really nice dimensional look with depth for your hair colour this festive season.

Brunette will always be a strong hair colour for the winter. This is because it is a warm colour of hair. It also looks healthy, natural and glossy on most people. Make sure you speak to our hair stylists in Huntingdon to choose the right shade of brunette to match your eyes and skin tone. This will ensure that you look and feel fabulous.

Icy Blonde
What says Christmas like ice? This is just one of the reasons that icy blonde hair colour is always a favourite around this time of the year. It can be done as a platinum blonde icy white colour all over, as highlights or even as a balayage colour technique. Why not book a free hair colour consultation to make the best decision for your hair colour and style goals.

Just as the brunette is popular at this time of the year, copper hair colour in Huntingdon is popular for the same reason too. It’s a warm and toasty hair colour. If you are looking for the perfect transition from autumn into the holiday season – this could be the brave and vibrant look for you. It’ll certainly brighten up your winter look.

Golden Blonde
Another way that you can add warmth into your hair colour in Sawtry this festive season is with golden blonde. It gives you hints of golden blonde and honey hues. This works really well for our clients that have a paler complexion, especially during the colder months. A gilded blonde balayage is a really good option for a low-maintenance hair colour solution this festive season.

Book your hair colour consultation now and let’s plan the perfect hair colour for you.



Why Regular Visits To The Hairdressers In Huntingdon Are Necessary

A top priority of many of out clients is to have healthy and beautiful looking hair. However, for this to be possible, regular visits to the hairdressers in Huntingdon are necessary. This will help you maintain healthy hair. It will also ensure that is stays looking beautiful.

Whether you have long or short hair, regular visits to the hairdressers in Huntingdon are necessary for many reasons. We look at some of the benefits of regular visits to the hair salon in Huntingdon to show you just how necessary it is for you and your beautiful hair goals.

  • Damage Prevention

Just like home improvements, prevention is better than cure. When you come into our hair salon in Sawtry your hair stylist will be able to assess the condition of your hair. They can then recommend or offer treatments that can help with the health of your hair. Regular appointments means that you can keep on top of and prevent split ends and breakage too.

  • Professional Styling

One of the best things about getting your hair done in a salon is the professionally styled hair that you are left with. With regular hair appointments, your hair can look and feel more fabulous, more often. Your stylist can also recommend shape, colour and length changes to suit your schedule, upcoming events or seasons of the year. This will help ensure you look and feel your best throughout the year.

  • Stress Relief

The hair salon is a great place for stress relief. You can just stop and relax for a few hours. It gives you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if just for an hour or two. You can enjoy being pampered and looked after. This makes for a calming and therapeutic experience which will make you feel better from the inside.

  • Improved Confidence

When you look good, you feel good. This is why regular visits to the hairdressers is so important. It gives you a confidence boost when you need it. Having healthy looking hair and a great hairstyle and colour that suits you will give you more confidence in yourself. It will also give you a boost of self-esteem and help you remind yourself how awesome you are.


If you want to feel great and look great – make sure you visit the hair salon regularly. It’s good for your hair, it’s good for your mental health and it’s good for you too!

Why You Need A Fresh Cut And Colour For Autumn

We will soon be saying goodbye to hot and sunny summer days. Instead, we will be pulling out the thick jumpers and grabbing our gloves and scarves. Autumn is on its way, and that means winter will soon be here too. Along with a wardrobe change, you will need to change up your hair and your hair care routine too.

The drop in temperature as the season changes to autumn can bring dry and cold air. In turn, this can cause your hair to become frizzy and brittle. This is why you need to look after your hair in the autumn months. One way of doing this is by getting a fresh cut and colour for autumn. This will help keep your hair healthy and looking gorgeous throughout those colder autumn months.

  • Fresh Cut For Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time for a trim, or even a big chop. You can trim away that hair that has become damaged by the hot summer sun. Think about your face shape when you are considering a bigger chop. Our professional hair dressers can help recommend the right hairstyle for you if you are considering something more than a quick trim to get rid of the sun damaged hair.

  • Fresh Colour For Autumn

The leaves change to such pretty colours in the autumnal months. Many of our clients are tempted to change up their colour to something more autumnal. Autumn is a great opportunity to add some warmth into your hair colour. This could be through highlights, low lights, balayage or a completely new colour. Whether you fancy a brunette and ombre type hair style, or a hint of some gorgeous autumnal reds and oranges, our friendly hair colourists in Sawtry can help.

Dealing With Damaged Holiday Hair?

We all love a good holiday. Whether it’s dipping in the pool, exploring new cultures, days on the beach or swimming in the sea – the chance to relax and take some time out for us is never a bad thing. However, while you have been caring for you, you may not have been caring for your hair. Sun, sea, sand and chlorine often results in damaged holiday hair.

The summer holiday may have un-frazzled your mind, but it’s likely your hair will have been left a little bit frazzled.

Perhaps you have noticed your hair feels a little drier? Maybe it seems more prone to breakage? Have you seen a change in the colour of your hair where it’s faded or been affected by chlorinated water? These are all things that can occur from having an amazing summer holiday – but it doesn’t mean your damaged holiday hair can’t be repaired.

Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Huntingdon we have the highly skilled hairdressers, treatments and products to get your damaged holiday hair back in tip top condition once more. The three most common signs of damaged holiday hair are damage, brassiness or dryness. Our professional hairdressers can help with all of these things. They will review the condition of your hair and tailor make a recommendation that is ideal for you, your current hair type and your future hair goals.

It could be as simple as a quick hair trim to get rid of damaged ends. Perhaps a toner would help lift your colour again. Your damaged holiday hair could also give you a chance for a fresh new hairstyle or colour. Balayage is a really popular hair colour technique for capturing that sun kissed glow in your hair.

Your hair is and can be as unique as you. If you are considering trying something a little bit different, why not book a free hair colour consultation. Our Huntingdon hair stylists can take the time to understand your hair goals and dreams before helping you achieve them.

The Best Summer Haircuts For Hot Weather

The warm, sticky sunny weather is certainly upon us. While it may be tempting to shave off all your hair just to feel the breeze, there are other summer haircuts that you can consider. There are some summer hairstyles and haircuts that work better in the hot weather the summer brings.

When it comes to summer haircuts, you need to think about the humidity and how your hair copes with it. You need a cut that suits your lifestyle. However, it needs to be easy to manage too. Everyone has their own hair routines and boundaries of how much they will maintain and manage their hair. Our hair stylists in Sawtry will work with you on that to help you find the right hot weather haircut for you.

If you have natural waves of kinks in your hair, these will be accentuated as the weather warms up. Have your hair sitting at a comfortable length with soft layering techniques. This will help you embrace the natural texture of your hair. In turn, your hair will become easier to manage too.

Very often the hairline is the first place that gets hot and sweaty. If you have curly hair, in particular, we recommend avoiding fringes. This is because you could result in a frizzy forehead. If you are looking to expose the back of your next for extra coolness this summer, why not opt for a bob or pixie cut. They are a much cooler style and ideal for the hot and sticky summer months.

Do you have straight hair? A haircut that allows a lot of movement is a great idea. When you’re out and about and enjoying all of what summer has to offer, you want an easy and effortless hairstyle. Layers and beach waves can work really well for straight hair. Once the layers are in place you can easily wear your hair half up and half down. This will take the heat off both your next and shoulders and help keep your hair sweat free too.

If you have textured hair you might want to consider going for shorter pieces around your face. This means that when you put your hair up, it is effortless. Summer should be about having fun and not worrying about your hair. This style will take some weight out the front of your hair. In turn, this will remove that heavy triangle from the bottom of your hair too.

Fancy trying something new with your hair this summer? Call our team now to book a free hair consultation in Huntingdon. Our stylists will help you chose the right style for you.

Considering Becoming A Blonde Bombshell This Summer?

Have you been considering going blonde? Maybe you feel you have an inner blonde bombshell just waiting to come out? Perhaps you have always been envious of the stunning blonde locks of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence? It’s fair to say that platinum blonde is definitely ‘in’ this season. However, you need to get the right shade of blonde to become the blonde bombshell of your dreams this summer season.

Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Sawtry, we have a team of professional hair colourists. They will take the time to look at your hair type, colour and routine. Based on this they will recommend the best hair colour for you. It’s all to easy to be a little too excited about going blonde, grabbing a box dye and ending with yellow or patchy hair.

Our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon can help you achieve the blonde bombshell look you want this summer. They will let you know what hair care and maintenance is required. Our hairdressers will also recommend some great hair products for keeping your fresh blonde hair in top condition.

There is a general rule of thumb for blonde hair colour dependent on your skin colour. This is something that our hair stylists will discuss with you to ensure that becoming a blonde beauty will actually work for you.

For example, if you have fair skin that an ashy blonde colour could leave you looking washed out. Instead, we would recommend honey or golden tones for the perfect blonde. You could always all a few blonde highlights to your hair if you just wanted to softly lighten your hair colour.

Honey shades are often the go-to blonde colour for those with medium skin tones. If you’re feeling brave, you could even opt for a couple of shades lighter than honey to really make an impact with your hair colour.

Olive skin tones work really well with caramel blonde shades. Not only do these shades brighten your hair. They will also leave your skin looking fresher and more radiant. Finally, if you have darker skin, we recommend that you don’t go too light. Caramel and butterscotch toned blonde shades go really well with darker skin.

Ready to release your inner blonde bombshell this summer? Book your hair appointment in Huntingdon now and we will arrange a free hair colour consultation before your hair colour session.

How To Keep Your Coloured Hair Healthy

Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Sawtry, our hair stylists love creating fabulous looking coloured hair for our clients. Our clients come in with a dream of the colour hair they would like. Our talented hair colourists then get to work. The client leaves the salon looking and feeling amazing with their fabulous, coloured hair.

However, what happens when you leave the salon with your freshly coloured hair? Here at Rumours Hair Salon near Huntingdon we want our clients to be happy with their coloured hair for longer. This is why we have put together this blog. In this blog post you will see some top tips to help keep your coloured hair healthy. All it needs is an extra bit of TLC and your luscious locks will thank you for it.

  • Wash Your Hair Less

When you have your hair coloured you will need to wash it less. The best way to care for coloured hair is to wash it 2-3 times a week. If you do suffer with oily roots, you could use a dry shampoo to help you last that extra day. Remember – the more you wash your hair, the quicker it will fade. If you love your hair colour when you leave the salon, try to cut back on washing it.

  • The Right Shampoo

Coloured hair needs a different level of care to other hair types. We would recommend that you opt for a colour protective shampoo. There is a great range of shampoos and hair products in our salon that. Speak to our hairdressers to get their recommends to help keep your hair looking fabulous. Avoid using normal shampoo as this will often wash your fabulous new colour away.

  • Think Condition

When hair is coloured, it can become more fragile. It is common that over time coloured hair can look and feel dry. This is why you need to keep your hair hydrated. A conditioner will work as a protective barrier for your hair. It will add moisture to your hair and keep it more hydrated. The protective barrier will also help to prevent your colour from being washed out. Again – if you need help choosing the right coloured hair conditioner, speak to our team.

  • Minimise The Heat

We can all fall into the trap of using more heat on our hair than we need to. However, this is even more serious when it comes to coloured hair. The use of excessive heat on your hair will cause the colour to fade and leave the hair looking dry. Wherever possible, leave your hair to dry naturally with no heat at all. However, where this is not possible use a lower heat and keep heat styling to a minimum. We also have a range of heat protection products in the salon that will help protect your hair and its stunning new colour.


Want to change your hair colour? Why not book your free hair colour consultation in Sawtry now?

Want To Know If Blondes Really Do Have More Fun This Summer?

Have you been considering going blonde for some time? Summer is a great time to be brave and find out if blondes really do have more fun. Blonde hair is definitely a summer colour. It’s bold, bright, beautiful and fresh. However, it can be really hard to maintain and keep it looking fresh too!

If you’re looking to go blonde for the summer book a free summer hair colour consultation with one of our experienced hair colourists. They can help you choose the right shade of blonde for your hair and give you some top tips of how to keep the colour looking bright, bold, beautiful and fresh. This way your gorgeous blonde locks will look great throughout the whole season, and you won’t have dried out, frizzy or orange-yellow shades after a few weeks.

Have you already gone blonde and want to ensure it stays looking fabulous throughout the summer months?

We would recommend that you don’t wash your hair too much as this will strip your hair of its natural oils. In addition to this, when you do wash your hair, make sure you use the right hair products for your hair type. Pop into the salon where we can help you choose the right hair products for you.

If you’re off on holiday, avoid the swimming pools where possible or opt for a swimming cap. You may prefer to smother your hair in conditioner before taking a dip in the pool. Try to avoid brushing your hair when it is wet too as it will be more susceptible to damage. Ideally, brush your hair when it is dry.

Make the most of the summer sunshine to dry your hair and avoid using heated products as much as possible. Heated hair tools aren’t great for your hair at the best of times. They can be even more damaging when your hair is weakened from bleach.

Want to freshen up your blonde locks? Call our team now!

The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

Have you been shying away from getting your hair trimmed by the hairdressers? That needs to stop. Some people believe that trimming your hair doesn’t haven’t any benefits. They’re wrong. There are some serious benefits to getting your hair trimmed by a hairdresser. That’s why we are always recommending regular hair trims in Sawtry. We don’t just recommend them for the fun of it.

In this blog post we look at the importance of a regular hair trim. However, first we look at what a hair trimming appointment involves and how often you need one.

  • What Does A Hair Trim Appointment In Huntingdon Involve?

Getting your hair trimmed is also known as dusting the ends of your hair. This is because you are getting rid of the parts of your hair that could be damaged. When you get your hair trimmed you are getting rid of the damage your hair can get on a daily basis. A hair trim is like a tidy up to leave your hair looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

  • How Often Should You Book A Hair Trim Appointment?

It really is dependent on your hair type, how healthy it is, the style and the condition, as well as how quickly it grows and your hair goals. However, a good rule of thumb is to have your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. This will help you retain length and keep your hair healthy and strong.

  • The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

There are lots of important reasons that you should book a regular hair trim. One reason is that trimming your hair actually encourages hair growth. By cutting off the split ends you will make your hair healthier so it can grow stronger and longer. Freshly trimmed ends will also help to detangle your hair and make your hair easier to manage and less tangled.

If you hate having frizzy hair, then a regular trim is highly recommended. This regular trim can help avoid frizzy looking hair, leaving it strong and sleek. By getting your hair trimmed you will also give your hair an instant boost of volume and thickness.


When was the last time you booked a trim for your hair? Call us now to book yours. You’ll be impressed by the results and wonder why you left it so long!

Caring For Your Newly Coloured Hair In Huntingdon

As you get your hair coloured in our salon you fall in love. The colour is stunning. The shades and depth are incredible, and you want it to look this good forever. While the exact colour and shade can’t last forever, as your hair will grow, there are ways that you can care for and protect it in between hair colour appointments at the salon.

Whether you have opted for a subtle balayage or simple highlights, there are ways that you can maintain the gorgeous result created in the salon. All it needs is a little extra care and attention to help your coloured hair stay healthy and fresh looking for longer.

  • Hydration

After getting your hair coloured it will become a little brittle and feel dry. Hydration is the key to give your hair back the moisture that it needs. A deep conditioning treatment will help your hair retain its moisture. This will help make it soft and shiny too. We have deep conditioning hair products available in the salon for you to buy and use at home. Or you could book a conditioning hair treatment to keep your colour looking it’s best in salon?

  • Wait

Once you have your hair coloured in our salon, try and wait at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair. This is because there is ammonia present in the hair colour products. This opens the hair cuticles to enable the hair colour to penetrate the hair shaft. You need to give the coloured hair at least 3 days for the cuticle layer to fully close and trap in that gorgeous colour. If you want to keep your new hair colour fresh and vibrant then wait it out until you shampoo it for the first time. Shampooing your hair right after colouring it could leave the colour looking dull and it could fade quicker too.

  • Touch-Ups

If you have fast growing hair, then it’s likely your hair growth will show rather quickly. However, there are ways around this. You can book back in the salon for regular touch-ups to keep your hair looking it’s best. If you tell your hair stylist that you are worried about your hair growing too fast, then she can recommend a style that works for you and won’t show the regrowth so quickly. There are also other hair colour techniques that can work better for faster growing hair.


Looking to get your hair coloured in Huntingdon? Call our team of hairdressers now for a free hair consultation to find the right colour for you.