Five Popular Hair Colours For 2023

When it comes to hair colours and styles for 2023, you can expect the trends to be colourful, feminine and versatile. The general style that seems to be the real trend for 2023 is very loose curls. However, straight and glossy hair with lots of volume is going to be an extremely popular look in 2023 too.

However, in this blog post we look at the top five more popular hair colours for 2023. Have a read and think about which colour could work for you and which you would like to try. We can then book you in for a hair consultation and colour test to ensure the colour suits your hair, skin tone and facial features.

  1. Winter Gold

We all know that blonde hair will never go out of style. However, the newest shade of blonde for 2023 is winter gold. These are frosty gold shades, grey, ash and pearl. These are the cooler blonde shades of the 2023 hair colour trend. However, then warmer golden shades of blonde will be popular as we really get into 2023. These include blonde shades such as caramel, honey, gold or bronze for example.

  1. Digital Lavender

If you’re feeling brave and want to turn heads, then the digital lavender hair colour trend of 2023 will really suit your personality and wants. The bright shades of digital lavender are in. They can be done as full head of colour in Huntingdon, or as contrast. Balayage is going to be a really popular hair colouring technique for our customers that want to give the digital lavender colour trend a go.

  1. Ombre With Pink

If purples aren’t your thing, but you still want to turn heads while staying on trend, why not try ombre with shades of pink? This hair colouring creates a really sophisticated and unique look. Over the last few seasons, we have seen a real growth in the popularity of pink hair. This ombre with pink style will just boost that popularity.

  1. Blonde Caramel

While we have touched on this shade as a winter gold shade you might want to consider, on its own, the blonde caramel hair colour will be huge in 2023. If you have brown eyes and a darker skin shade you may be nervous to try blonde, but the blonde caramel shade will really work for you. On top of that, blonde caramel is also the easiest shade of blonde to maintain. If you’ve been thinking on making the swap from brown to blonde hair, this is the perfect colour for you.

  1. Reddish Orange

Reddish orange is at the top of the 2023 trend and it’s a relatively new hair shade that is taking social media by storm. It’s a new variant of the pink or strawberry blonde. It has stunning undertones of good and orange which bring warmth and volume to any hair style.


Feeling ready to try a new colour in 2023? Why not call our hair colourists in Huntingdon now? They will talk through your hair type and hair routine, along with your skin type and face shape to help you choose the best hair colour and style to suit you. Call us now to book your free hair consultation.