Dealing With Damaged Holiday Hair?

We all love a good holiday. Whether it’s dipping in the pool, exploring new cultures, days on the beach or swimming in the sea – the chance to relax and take some time out for us is never a bad thing. However, while you have been caring for you, you may not have been caring for your hair. Sun, sea, sand and chlorine often results in damaged holiday hair.

The summer holiday may have un-frazzled your mind, but it’s likely your hair will have been left a little bit frazzled.

Perhaps you have noticed your hair feels a little drier? Maybe it seems more prone to breakage? Have you seen a change in the colour of your hair where it’s faded or been affected by chlorinated water? These are all things that can occur from having an amazing summer holiday – but it doesn’t mean your damaged holiday hair can’t be repaired.

Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Huntingdon we have the highly skilled hairdressers, treatments and products to get your damaged holiday hair back in tip top condition once more. The three most common signs of damaged holiday hair are damage, brassiness or dryness. Our professional hairdressers can help with all of these things. They will review the condition of your hair and tailor make a recommendation that is ideal for you, your current hair type and your future hair goals.

It could be as simple as a quick hair trim to get rid of damaged ends. Perhaps a toner would help lift your colour again. Your damaged holiday hair could also give you a chance for a fresh new hairstyle or colour. Balayage is a really popular hair colour technique for capturing that sun kissed glow in your hair.

Your hair is and can be as unique as you. If you are considering trying something a little bit different, why not book a free hair colour consultation. Our Huntingdon hair stylists can take the time to understand your hair goals and dreams before helping you achieve them.