Love Is In The Air & Red Is In The Hair

February is the month of love – we see reds and pinks everywhere we go. But while love is in the air, we are seeing that red is in the hair this Valentines Day too. We have lots of clients come into the salon to enquire about going red. Many hair experts believe that these is no look more stunning than a beautifully cut and styled redhead. While it’s claimed that blondes might have more fun – a coloured or natural red head, definitely turns heads!

However, if you are considering going red with your hair – you need to know that it may take a little more maintenance to keep its stunning colour and shine. This is especially the case when compared to blonde or brunette hair maintenance, for example.

But don’t worry – help is at hand. Our professional hair colourists in Huntingdon know what it takes to keep your red hair looking fabulous. In this blog post we share some red hair care essential guidelines that you need to follow to keep your red hair looking fabulous.

It’s important to book yourself in for a free hair colour consultation in our hair salon in Sawtry. This way our hair stylists can ensure that we get the perfect red colour for you. This recommendation of hair colour is based on your hair type, style and condition. We will also consider your face shape, lifestyle and hair care routine too. This will help us make the right hair colour recommendation for you. Our hairdressers want to give you a colour that you will love, and a colour that will last.

Once you have had your hair coloured, you need to be careful. We recommend that you cut back on washing your hair. This is because the more you wash your hair, the quicker the colour fades. We would recommend using a dry shampoo. This way you avoid stripping out essential oils and colours from your hair.

Our hair stylists can recommend a colour-sealing conditioner for you too. This will be tailored to redheads. In turn this means that the conditioner will help to lock in your colour. This will mean that you can maintain glossy hair for weeks after your hair appointment.

Make sure you keep on top of your ends as well. Colouring your hair can dry out your hair. Keep your ends under control with regular trips to the salon for a quick trim every few weeks. This will keep your hair and colour in tip top condition.

There are so many different shades of red that you can choose from. If you see a shade that you like take a photo or snip a picture out of a magazine. Red heads turn heads – which shade of red head will you become? Book your free hair colour consultation now to help find the right shade of red for you.