Caring For Your Newly Coloured Hair In Huntingdon

As you get your hair coloured in our salon you fall in love. The colour is stunning. The shades and depth are incredible, and you want it to look this good forever. While the exact colour and shade can’t last forever, as your hair will grow, there are ways that you can care for and protect it in between hair colour appointments at the salon.

Whether you have opted for a subtle balayage or simple highlights, there are ways that you can maintain the gorgeous result created in the salon. All it needs is a little extra care and attention to help your coloured hair stay healthy and fresh looking for longer.

  • Hydration

After getting your hair coloured it will become a little brittle and feel dry. Hydration is the key to give your hair back the moisture that it needs. A deep conditioning treatment will help your hair retain its moisture. This will help make it soft and shiny too. We have deep conditioning hair products available in the salon for you to buy and use at home. Or you could book a conditioning hair treatment to keep your colour looking it’s best in salon?

  • Wait

Once you have your hair coloured in our salon, try and wait at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair. This is because there is ammonia present in the hair colour products. This opens the hair cuticles to enable the hair colour to penetrate the hair shaft. You need to give the coloured hair at least 3 days for the cuticle layer to fully close and trap in that gorgeous colour. If you want to keep your new hair colour fresh and vibrant then wait it out until you shampoo it for the first time. Shampooing your hair right after colouring it could leave the colour looking dull and it could fade quicker too.

  • Touch-Ups

If you have fast growing hair, then it’s likely your hair growth will show rather quickly. However, there are ways around this. You can book back in the salon for regular touch-ups to keep your hair looking it’s best. If you tell your hair stylist that you are worried about your hair growing too fast, then she can recommend a style that works for you and won’t show the regrowth so quickly. There are also other hair colour techniques that can work better for faster growing hair.


Looking to get your hair coloured in Huntingdon? Call our team of hairdressers now for a free hair consultation to find the right colour for you.