Caring For Red Hair

If you’re been thinking about joining the red hair club; now is your chance. Red heads are the rarest hair colour of all and a really popular hair colour shade. However, achieving the perfect red shade and keeping that shade can be tricky. But don’t worry. Help is at hand. We have put together some top tips for caring for red hair.

  • Prevent Fading

Every time your hair gets wet, your hair cuticles will swell. This means that the dye molecules will escape. These escaping hair colour molecules will result in your hair colour fading. We would recommend that you wait at least three days after you have been to the hair salon to wash your hair for the first time. This will help to ensure that your hair cuticle is fully sealed.

  • Go Darker

Red hair will always start dark and fade. We recommend that you go slightly darker than your desired colour to get the perfect colour. Don’t panic when you come back from the salon and your hair is bolder than hoped. It will fade to your chosen colour. Your chosen hue will then last longer and not fade.

  • The Colour Palette

Red isn’t just red anymore when it comes to hair colour. The red colour palette starts at shades like apricot. It then goes up to fire red engine, after going through gorgeous ginger and colourful copper shades. You can even view the red colour palette right up to a vampy dark red or violet. Make sure you check out the different red shades and choose the right colour would your hair colourist at Rumours Hair Salon to ensure you get the right red for you.

  • Refresh!

Your roots will start to reappear after roughly 4 to 6 weeks. This is also the time that your hair colour may be due a refresh. That said, everyone’s hair is different. Check with your hair colourist in Sawtry when they are doing your hair colour. They will be able to recommend that best time for you to return and book your next hair appointment in Sawtry for you.

Weird Things That Happen To Your Hair In The Winter

Every winter there are weird things that you will notice happen to your hair. It’s the cold temperatures that the winter weather brings. According to science, these are the most common, but weird, things that happen to your hair in the winter.

  1. Your Hair Will Be Dry

It doesn’t matter how moisturised and wonderful your hair is the rest of the year, the cold winter weather will make your hair dry. When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, you’ll quickly find that dry hair is the root of all evil. As the weather gets colder the moisture in the air decreases and this leaves your hair feeling dry. We would recommend you treat yourself to a deep hydrating mask, just once a week during the winter months. It will help keep your hair moisturised and hydrated during those chilly months.

  1. Your Hair Will Be Dull

Another of the weird things that happen to your hair in winter is that your hair will become dull, as well as dry. The best way that you can keep your hair shiny and glowing is with the hydrating mask, which helps hydrate and moisturise your hair. There are some brilliant shine mist sprays on the market too. These are a great product for maintaining the sheen to your hair. If you don’t want your luscious locks looking a little worn, treat yourself to a shine mist and some hydrating hair masks. You’ll soon get the shine back in your hair again.

  1. Split Ends Will Appear

As the air becomes dryer, your hair will become more brittle too. This means that your hair will be more prone to breakage, in particular split ends! Just as with dull and dry hair, we would recommend a moisturising or hydrating mask. You can also slow down the process of split ends by holding back on heated tools or using less heat if heated tools are required.

  1. You May Lose Some Hair

There is such thing as seasonal hair loss. While some people think that the cold weather results in hair loss, this isn’t quite the case. Instead, you are more likely to lose more hair during the colder months due to a mix of a lack of hydration and a lack of humidity. This is especially the case when you compare the hydration and humidity through warmer weather to the colder weather in the winter months. While it is one of the weird things to happen to your hair in the winter, it is normal and not something that you should worry about.

Why not book in your hair appointment in Sawtry now, ready for when we open again. We can chop off those split ends and treat your hair to some essential hydration products too.




Should I Dye My Hair At Home Or In A Hair Salon?

Taking the hair colour plunge for the first time? Or maybe you have had the same colour for years and feel like you’re ready to change it up for something new? It’s only normal that you may be wondering if you should just dye your hair at home. Or maybe it would be better to have your hair coloured in the salon?

Hundreds and thousands of people colour their hair at home. Yet, hundreds and thousands of people also get their hair coloured in the hair salon. Below we explain why we think you should get your hair coloured in a hair salon, instead of at home.

Hair Consultation

The biggest advantage of having your hair coloured in a salon is the free hair consultation. Our hairdressers in Sawtry have spent years training and colouring hair. They know what colour you can achieve form your hair. They also know what colours match your skin. You can have the best intentions when colouring your hair at home, but the final colour can be vastly different from what you expect.

Expert Knowledge

If you want to achieve a hairstyle with dimensions, shades and colour graduation then you’ll need expert knowledge. While an all-over hair dye at home may seem simple, what if you want something more? Our experienced hair colourists in Sawtry can help you with grey hair blending, highlights, lowlights, baby lights and balayage. Our hairstylists are experienced at creating stunning and natural looing hair with vibrant colours and tones.

Greys Be Gone

If you’re trying to banish grey hair, then a salon for your hair colouring is definitely the best option for you. Box dyes can conceal your grey hairs at first, but after a week or two the strong and sharp lines of your greys will soon come through. Our hairstylists in Sawtry are experienced at grey hair blending. They know the tricks, tips and tools to use to blend in your grey hairs, so you won’t need to touch up every week or two. This will save you the strain on your hair and your purse from repeat colouring and touch ups.

You Could Save Big

Box dyes might look like the perfect colour for your hair, but they are based on the hair colours of everyone. Mid-brown to you may be completely different for someone else. The thickness and condition of your hair needs to be taken into account. We often see ladies come into our salon with hats or scarves on because the box dye colour that looked so perfect, turned out so wrong. It then costs more to do a hair colour correct treatment, as opposed to just getting the right colour the first time with our professionals.

Should I Dye My Hair At Home Or In A Hair Salon?

The bottom line, as with everything, is that you get what you pay for. Only a qualified hairdresser can deliver the exact colour you are after in the exact style you want. They’ll be able to do it professionally for you, while you sit back and relax (without ruining the towels at home that you would when doing your own box dye).

Call us now to book your free hair colour consultation or hair colour appointment in Sawtry.

The Five Biggest Haircut Trends Of Autumn 2020

There are some awesome haircut trends of autumn 2020 we just had to share with you. Think rebellious crops and iconic throwbacks along with 60s and 70s references. This autumn has some incredible haircut trends coming. We have shared some of our favourite haircut trends of autumn 2020 with you in this blog posts. So, grab a cuppa, sit back and have a read while you dream up your next fab hairstyle.

  1. The Shag

The 70’s shag haircut is set to be the biggest haircut trend of this autumn. It works really well with long and short hair, while being easy to maintain. This haircut is a mixture of a feather cut around the face and lots of choppy layers to create some fabulous volume. If you’re looking to add more volume, a nice salt spray will be your perfect product.

  1. Bold Fringes

The bold fringe was a really popular look in the 1960’s and is back for more love and attention. From side fringes to heavier blunt bangs – autumn is definitely the season of the fringe. If you’re worried about overwhelming your face shape, opt for a lightly cut, wispy fringe.

  1. Blunt Bob

With the summer lockdown there was a real rise in grown-out bobs and lobs. This season, however, will be all about sharp blunt bobs that hit the jawline. Precision cutting of shorter styles will also take centre stage this autumn. If you have a rounder face, an angular or asymmetrical bob will frame your face perfectly.

  1. Pixie Crop

If you’re looking for the ultimate low maintenance cut, then the haircut trend of autumn for you in the pixie crop. It’s a really nice bold and voluminous style. Retro icons like Mia Farrow worked it well, but if you want to keep it modern go for choppy layers which will add great volume too.

  1. Classic Collarbone

The collarbone cut s a very class haircut trend for this season. If you’re not looking to go too short, then it’s the perfect haircut for you. This style is a classic face-framing style for all face shapes. If you’re looking to add volume, then stick to blunt ends and a few layers. This is a fantastic take on the sharp bob, without loosing the hair length you love.

Looking to try out one of these biggest haircuts trends this autumn? Call our team or book a hair appointment in Sawtry. We can chat about the style you like and talk about how it will work for you.


Hair Care During Coronavirus

As we entered 2020, nobody could have predicted that the UK was going to go into lock down just a few months later. The latest regulations and government advice have left hair salons, like ours, having to close their doors. This has meant our clients have been left with cancelled appointments. We have had lots of calls and emails from our clients wondering just what to do and how to care for their hair during coronavirus.

In this blog post we share some top tips for hair care during coronavirus. There are some things we will recommend that you start doing, and some things that we would definitely recommend against.

For example, if you have coloured hair and will be missing your next hair colour appointment, then do not reach for the box dye. Remember when you first had your hair coloured with us? We did a 48 hour colour test with you. This is because people can have allergies against hair colour. It is essential these test take place. Yet, with a box dye this is not always possible.

Our hair colourists are also qualified and fully trained. They have had hair colour training. This means they can select the right colour for you based on your current hair colour. An image of your hair colour on the side of the box won’t tell you the condition of your hair, the thickness of your hair or how the colour will turn out.

Box dyes can also damage the condition of your hair. We use the best quality hair colours at our salon. We also have other hair care treatments that ensure your hair is protected during the colouring. Colouring your hair can damage the condition of your hair. This is even more likely when you dye your hair at home.

If you are worried about roots, we would recommend you reach for a touch-up root spray. These can be the perfect saviour for your hair and roots. The spray will instantly cover any roots, but it will also rinse straight off when your hair is washed.

Without a regular trim you may find you get spilt ends or your hair becomes frizzy. We would highly recommend that you use this time to nourish your hair with hair masks. Ideally once or twice a week, a hair mask will give your hair the nourishment it really needs.

Less people are seeing you while you are on lock down, so try and avoid the heated tools. Give your hair a break from heated tools and allow your hair to dry naturally for a while. If you want to keep longer hair out of your face reach for a soft scrunchie instead of elastic hair bands as these can cause damage to your hair.

Please contact us by email if you would like some more top tips for hair care during coronavirus. Our dedicated hair stylists are currently based at home, but happy to answer any queries you may have.

Spring 2020 Hair Trends

Believe it or not, spring is upon us! It’s understandable that you may have missed the arrival of spring, what with all the awful weather we have been experiencing recently. If you haven’t had the urge to jump into spring with a new wardrobe, then maybe start by switching up your new hairstyle?

In this blog post we share five of our favourite spring 2020 hair trends that we know you’ll want to try yourself.

  1. The High Ponytail

We love the high ponytail and don’t think it will ever not be in style. However, spring 2020 is showing the look is still here to stay. Rihanna has been rocking a blown out high ponytail that looks great. Meanwhile, Laura Harrier has been spotted with a high ponytail of knotless braids that may take a little more effort, but look great.

  1. The Deep Side Parting

The shoulder-length bob is huge this season. It was been spotted all over the red carpet during the award season of 2020. Swap from the standard parting to a deep side parting to really spice up your shoulder-length bob this spring.

  1. The Pearls

While many of us dream of pearl jewellery, the current spring 2020 trend is pearls in your hard. These glossy white beads look fabulous on hair accessories such as hair clips or pins. Yet, they look even better when attached directly to your hair. Lucy Boynton worked this look really well with a string-like line of pearls. Or you could scatter pearls across your braids like Tessa Thompson did recently.

  1. The Flip

We know that the flicking out of the ends of your blow out was very 1960’s. However have you considered flipping the ends of your blow out in? Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lopez are very much running with this latest 2020 spring hair trend to bring this retro style back in. Why not try flipping your ends out, instead of in next time you have a blow out?

  1. Beachy Waves

While it doesn’t feel like spring has sprung, it certainly doesn’t feel like beach days in summer are coming either. However, beachy waves are a big 2020 spring hair trend. The best part of this style is that it’s supposed to look undone. Don’t be fussy when you’re doing it, just use a flat iron for gentle waves in your hair.


If you fancy a new hair style this spring, give our talented hairdressers in Sawtry a call. Show us the styles of colours you like and we can do the rest for you.


Are You Christmas Party Hair Ready?

Christmas party season is upon us. It’s only normal that you want fabulous Christmas party hair, and we are here to help. We have put together some stunning, yet relatively easy, Christmas party hair ideas for you to try at home.

However, if you feel like being pampered before your big night out, why not book a Christmas party hair appointment with us. We can style your hair for you, while you sit back and relax. Alternatively we can give you a fresh haircut or a gorgeous winter colour to show off at your Christmas party!

Before we share these awesome Christmassy hairstyles with you, remember to follow the four Ps! Practice and Perfect, Prior to the Party. Don’t leave it until the last minute to try out a new hairstyle for the first time as this will end in potential failure, and a lot of stress!

Glitter Roots

Whether you are having your hair up or down, glitter roots are very on trend at the moment. There are loads of fantastic hair glitter colours in the shops. The thicker the glitter and the bolder the colour, the more it will stand out. However, remember that glitter will fall from your hair onto your outfit, so this is something to be aware of!

If you have thicker hair, braids with glitter running through can work really well.

Big Bouncy Hollywood Style

If your Christmas party is stylish and elegant then a big and bouncy Hollywood style is definitely required. This style suits most face shapes and can make finer hair look glorious and full too. You’ll need to grab your heated rollers, hairspray, shine spray and styling lotions. Patience will be needed by the bucket load for the rollers, but the look is worth it.

If patience is not your thing, or you don’t think you have the skills for this style, then book a Christmas party hair appointment with us. We can style your hair for you.

Messy Updo

The messy updo with all your hair up or half up can look really sophisticated. Having slight dirty hair (day after washing your hair) can help this hairstyle hold better. This style is behind your head so you will need to angle mirrors to be able to see what you are doing so you can create the right look. Things like grips, elastics, spray and a comb will need to be close at hand.

Again, if you’re not sure you are up to the challenge, book a Christmas party hair appointment with one of our fantastic hairdressers. We can create the perfect Christmas party hairstyle for you.


We recommend that you book hair appointments in advance at this busy time of the year. WE certainly don’t want you to be disappointed if we can’t squeeze you in.

The Answer To A Permanent Good Hair Day

As friendly hairdressers we are always speaking to our clients about good and bad hair days. Many clients dream and wish for a permanent good hair day. We all want our hair to look as great as the minute we step out of the hair salon in Huntingdon, but this is not always possible. At least it didn’t used to be possible…

Here at Rumours Hair Salon we have the answer; A Brazilian Blow Dry in Huntingdon.

A Brazilian blow dry was recently featured in the Evening Standard as a bang on-trend treatment and our hairstylists couldn’t agree more. The Brazilian blow dry is like a semi-permanent blow dry that really lasts and looks fabulous.

The Brazilian blow dry is an innovative conditioning and straightening treatment. It works by transforming the hair in its entirety, leaving your hair feeling totally re-energised. While this amazing hair treatment was originally created in Brazil, hence the name, we are thrilled to bring the Brazilian blow dry to Huntingdon.

This hair treatment is based on the protein Keratin. Without getting super ‘sciency’ on you, this is the primary protein needed for healthy skin, nails and hair. The natural substance of keratin gives your hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny and smooth state.

If you love the look and feel of a fresh blow dry, then you’ll love the Brazilian blow dry. You gain the fabulous flossy hairstyle you love, long after the blow-dry itself. It is also completely chemical free and although semi-permanent you can expect it to last 4 to 6 months when correctly cared for.

You’ll be following the footsteps of some well-known celebrities by booking your Brazilian blow dry in Huntingdon. Nicole Ritchie and Elizabeth Hurley are said to be huge fans of the Brazilian blow dry… not sure they get theirs done in Huntingdon though!

The Brazilian blow dry is a really simple treatment and doesn’t take long at all. Call our salon now to book in for a consultation with one of our experienced Brazilian blow dry stylists in Huntingdon.

Rumours Hair Salon – BLOG – Hair Care Tips For Windy Days

We have also noticed the quick change in the weather. Evenings have suddenly got darken quicker, the rains have come and the sunshine seems to have been gone until next year. We can’t say we have been unlucky with the weather in September. We have had some great sunny days, but autumn is finally here and that means one thing – windy days!

In this blog post we have put together some top hair care tips for windy days to help ensure your hair looks its best, even on the windiest days.

Skip The Shampoo

There is nothing worse than getting up on a dark morning, spending ages washing and blow drying your hair, then stepping outside the front door to have all your hard work ruined by Mother Nature. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. In fact our professional hairdressers in Huntington would recommend against it. If you really think your hair needs a little styling support or it feels greasy, grab the dry shampoo instead.

Invest In Good Accessories

Think about the sort of person you are and the personality you have. Then treat yourself to some hair accessories. You may prefer cute braids to keep your hair in place, or maybe you’d rather a cute hat to keep your hair in place on windier days? If you have short to medium hair you will find that bobby pins are hair slides are your new best friend. However, if you have medium to long hair you might prefer some good quality hair elastics. By having the right hair accessories in abundance you’ll never fear a windy hair day again.

Pack A Brush

In the windier weather you need to make sure you always have a hairbrush in your bag. Having this essential styling tool at your disposal at all times will make windy hair days a thing of the past. If you can brush your wind enhanced tangles out you’ll feel much better about your hair and your confidence will get a boost too.

Skip The Gloss

We know some of you love that lip gloss and this is a huge ask for you, but you need to skip that gloss. When the wind blows your hair goes on your lip gloss and you have sticky and unsightly patches in your hair. We would recommend you opt for a bit of lip balm instead. This will protect your lips from drying out in the cold weather and it will reduce the risk of hair stuck to your lips too.

If you fancy stepping up your hairstyle this autumn why not book an appointment with our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon. Whether it’s a colour change, hair up for a night out, a fresh new cut or a quick trim, our professional hairdressers in Huntingdon are here to give you the hair of your dreams! Book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon now.

Want Thicker Looking Hair?

Want Thicker Looking Hair

Many of us out there struggle with thinner hair. We want thick and gorgeous locks, but it seems that no matter how hard we try, this is a dream and never a reality. However, maybe our team of talented hairdressers in Sawtry, here at Rumours Hair Salon, can give you the thicker looking hair you dream of?

A new haircut in Sawtry can give you thicker looking hair, if you choose the right haircut and hairstyle. Some styles will naturally make your hair look thicker, and add volume to thin hair.

We have listed just some of our favourite hairstyles in Sawtry that will add volume and thickness to your hair. Don’t forget we have some really great quality and well priced hair treatments available too. These are great for helping add volume to thin hair. Just ask your hairdresser for the best hair treatment for your hair goals.

Pixie Haircut

A pixie haircut is the ultimate fuss free hairstyle that adds volume. This haircut makes it almost impossible to tell that you have thin hair. It is a timeless look and super easy to style. The pixie haircut is one of our favourite hairstyles to create when clients with thin hair want to create the look of short thick hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is an angled bob. Through the bob shape and body is added to thin hair with ease. Side swept bangs and feathery layers can also be added to the asymmetrical bob for extra texture and body. Even if you choose to straighten your hair, this hairstyle will still look full of volume, thick and beautiful.

Long Bob

It is said that anyone can rock a long bob, also known as a lob. Our Sawtry hairdressers couldn’t agree more this statement. No matter the face shape, hair colour or hair texture, the lob just works! The geometric and blunt cuts of the lob create the look that your hair is fuller than it is. Instead of adding layers for volume, the straight and blunt cut makes the ends look thicker and denser.

If you’re struggling with thin hair and you don’t know what to do, give our professional hairdressers a call. We can help you achieve your hair goals and feel fabulous again!