Fresh New Hair Style With Our Fresh New Team

The summer is a great time to try out a fresh new style. This is especially the case if you are someone who has the summer holidays off.  We’re talking to you parents, grandparents, child carers and those working or studying in schools, colleges and universities.

You can be brave and go for that hair colour, hair cut or hair style you have always liked the look of. You then have the summer holidays to get used to it. If you love it we can book you in for a hair appointment to touch it up again. If you still don’t feel brave enough we can change it before you go back to work.

We have the perfect fresh new team for your fresh new style in Sawtry.

While Ally and Bev have been with us for some time now and are much loved by our clients, we’ve added some fabulous fresh talent to our team. These come in the form of Lisa and Miranda, our new Style Directors. All of our team are still backed by the wonderful Emily who is our superb salon assistant.

Bringing in new talent to our hair salon in Sawtry brings new skills, experience and techniques for our clients. If you’re thinking of trying out a fresh new hair style this summer why not book in for a hair consultation?

During a hair consultation with our new team you’ll get input from all the experienced hair stylists who can recommend the best hair options for you. Think Tattoo Fixers when the tattooists all design their idea and the client chooses the best tattoo for them – it’s just like that, but with hair!

Ally has been with us for 5 years and has worked at other successful salons in Peterborough before joining us. Lisa has worked alongside Lee Stafford. Miranda is dedicated to ensuring her clients love their hair, so their hair loves them and Bev has been with us over 25 years. Not forgetting Emily who has been with us for a good few months now and adds great value to the customer experience.

You will get the input, experience, ideas and latest techniques from all this talent – ensuring you can have that fresh new hair style that you’ve dreamed of.