Keeping Your Hair Moisturised In Winter

The cold winter months make us want to wrap up warmly. But, what about our hair? The colder winter weather dries our hair out, it can result in dry skin and brittle hair too. We can all put our fancy dresses on and look amazing for the Christmas party or family gatherings. But many of us are left feeling that our dry, brittle hair is letting us down. This is why you need to look at keeping your hair moisturised in the winter. That’s what we look at in this blog post.

First things first, ditch the extra shampoo. Shampoo can dry your hair our and create a sensitive feeling scalp. In turn, this can result in extra itchiness. While it may be tempting to shampoo your hair more to give it the condition you want to it looks great – that’s actually doing more harm than good. When you do shampoo your hair, use salon quality hair shampoo – pop into the salon in Huntingdon. We can show you some products we recommend.

A leave-in conditioner can be a godsend for dry winter hair. It will help to combat the dryness of your hair while also decreasing the risk of that annoying static hair that occurs during the coldest winter weather. Your leave in hair conditioner will keep your hair hydrated. It will also keep it in one place. In addition, you could also use a deep conditioner in the shower once or twice a week.

Use the cold, darker winter evenings when you don’t want to go out, as a chance to stay in and pamper yourself. Treat yourself to moisturising hair masks and over night hydrating hair oils. These little treats will do wonders for your hair. In addition, a little bit of self love will make you feel better too.  Pop a satin lined hat on when you get to bed. This will help keep the moisture in too – or a satin pillow case if you prefer.

The weather is colder out there – make sure you drop the temperature on your heated styling tools. If possible, avoid using them whenever you can. Heatless styling is definitely the way forward if you are looking to avoid drying your hair out. If heat styling tools are absolutely necessary, make sure you use your heat-protect hair products.

Book your next hair appointment in Huntingdon now. We can snip off those brittle spilt ends and even pop a moisturising hair mask or treatment on for you too.