Rumours Hair Salon – Our Wella Hair Products

Here at Rumours Hair Salon, we are proud to offer the Wella Professionals Care products. These are a salon-exclusive range of hair care products is that made with high-performance ingredients and technologies, matched with some delicious premium fragrances.

We choose to use Wella hair products as we feel they are the experts in hair. We can trust their products on our client’s hair, and we love the results from these products too.

Some of our Wella hair products affect how the light touches and interacts with your hair, while other Well hair products will add radiance to make your hair shine, some are designed to offer an incredible softness to your hair, no matter how coarse it felt before.

The Wella Professionals Care range that we offer is divided into 4 main collections and each one is designed and created to target a different hair type. These 4 Wella hair product collections are as follows;

  • Brilliance – this collection of hair products are optimised for coloured hair
  • Enrich – these hair products are great for dry hair as they are designed to inject moisture and volume
  • Balance – this collection is mainly shampoo products, they are designed to revitalise the scalp which results in combating dandruff while calming and purifying the skin
  • Age – the age collection is aimed at mature hair and helps to re-energise it with the strength your hair needs to resist the effects of time

As a trusted hair salon in Sawtry, we think it is important to stock only the best products that have been designed to make your hair look and feel fabulous. This is why we have chosen the full range of Wella Professionals Care range to offer our clients the very best.

If you want the best for your hair, then why not call our friendly hairdressers now to book your next hair appointment in Sawtry. We look forward to welcoming you soon.