Colour correction

Colour correction

Colour Correction in Sawtry

We’ve all been there. We have spotted a new hair colour in the supermarket, or tried to save a couple of quid and got a box of hair dye thinking we can do it ourselves, then doing our hair colouring ourselves, washing it out, looking in the mirror – then screaming the house down!

Whether you’ve tried to achieve a golden blonde and your hair has turned orange, your bleached hair has gone green, you’ve achieved a neon purple look when aiming for mahogany or any other hair colouring technique that didn’t quite go right… we can help.

While you can laugh at your own hair colour disasters in the future, at the time they are far from funny. Correcting your hair colour is something you may want to do immediately, but without the help of a professional hair colour correction expert you could make your hair disaster even worse.

Do not attempt to dye over the colour as this can result in worsening the hair colour disaster and even damaging your hair. The best thing you can do is seek the advice of a professional hair colour correction stylists immediately.

If you’ve looked in the mirror after washing out your hair colour, and it isn’t as you imagined, then call us directly. We can chat with you over the phone about what has happened and the best course of action. Our expert hair colour stylists can then book a hair colour correction appointment in Sawtry for you and we can get your hair to the colour you want it.

If you have a hair colour disaster call us now, let the experts put it right. No matter how severe, we can put it right for you.

One of our specialities is fixing incorrect hair colours for our clients that may have dyed their hair at home, or been to another hair salon in Peterborough. When you choose Rumours Hair Salon for your hair colour correction appointment you’ll know you’re in safe, kind and non-judgemental hands.

Call our professional hair colourists now to see how we can help you.