We have seen hundreds of times that changing the colour of your hair can have truly amazing results for our clients. Choosing the right colour can result in the colour of our client’s eyes being brought out, their skin tone is lifted and they have a more youthful appearance.

Yet there is something more important than that, something we see every time our clients see their new colour in the mirror for the first time. Our client’s confidence is boosted 100%. Every time a client sees their new colour in their hair, we see their confidence rise.

Our talented hair colourists at Rumours Hair are all experienced, trained and qualified hair colour specialists. Our hair colour stylists in Sawtry have a huge amount of experience in delivering the very finest Wella hair colour for our clients, colours that suits the individuals’ needs and desires.

There are four main types of hair colouring in Sawtry that we offer and these are as follows;