If you have found a haircut that you love, want a new change, or aren’t sure what to do with your hair and want some advice, then why not book a gentlemen’s haircut in Sawtry with us?

Our experienced and extremely talented hairdressers offer our clients high quality gentlemen’s haircuts that suit their exact needs and styles. You may be considering a faded hair cut, a hair cut with your son to get matching styles (brilliant bonding time), a crew cut or a standard short back and sides.

There are a variety of gentlemen’s haircuts in Sawtry that we can offer. If you have seen a hairstyle you like then why not bring in a photo for us and we will check out your hair condition and length, your every-day hair routine and your likes and dislikes to tell you if this is a good hairstyle for you.

Our gentlemen’s haircut stylists like to stay on top of all the latest hair techniques, hair trends and styles. When you choose Rumours Hair for your gentlemen’s haircut you can rest assured that you’re in safe and very talented hands.

Our hairstylists will expertly users scissors and clippers to create the haircut you require.

Current Trends in Gents Haircuts in Sawtry