Popular Hair Colours This Winter

It’s only normal that you may want to jazz up your hair colour in the winter; just as you could change your hair colour to brighten it in the sunnier weather. As hair colour experts, we would like to share the top hair colours in Sawtry this winter. We have rounded up the prettiest and most popular winter hair colours below for you.

  • Caramel Ombre

The ombre hair colour technique is here to stay and for dark brunettes to have a seamless melt bronze melt from the mid lengths right through to the ends; it’s just looks fabulous! The ombre style in Sawtry uses complementary colours against contracting hues and it just works so well.

  • Chestnut Brown

While some people choose to go darker with their hair for the winter months, a popular choice is to add layers of chestnut brown to your hair colour to add a warmer look and feel to your skin. It is also the perfect base for lighter colours as spring comes.

  • Honey Blonde

If you are blonde or brunette and want a minor change, without being too daring, then this is the hair colour for you. It takes your hair up some notches and creates a gorgeous warm colour that is perfect for autumn and winter weather

  • Cold Brew Coloured Locks

The latest trend for the winter weather is multi-dimensional brunette locks. This is dark hair with different shades of brown tossed in to add shine, gloss and volume. The highlights can frame your face perfectly, especially in shades of chestnut and gold.

  • Dark Mahogany

As we have mentioned before, some people love to go dark for winter so why not go for a dark mahogany hair colour in Sawtry. The plum undertones add a quiet vibrancy and this really suits the moodier vibes of the colder weather.

  • Red Velvet

Red velvet is no longer just a type of cake, but it is a fabulous hair colour no longer just for natural red heads. This is a really tricky hair colour to try and achieve at home, often ending in a peachy-pink-ginger hair colour disaster, so book a hair colour appointment if this is the hair colour you dream of for winter.

Which hair colour are you dreaming of this winter?