Top Tips For Protecting Your Hair in the Summer

During the warmer and sunnier summer months our hair can be damaged in a variety of ways. These include the harmful rays of the sun, sweat, humidity, sand, chlorine, lack of hydration and so much more. In this blog post we have put together some top tips for protecting your hair in the summer months, whether you’re holidaying abroad or enjoying time in the UK.

  • Love Your Conditioner – This is the hair care product that will help restore some moisture in your hair. Make sure you choose a conditioner that matches your hair type and texture. If you’re going for a dip in the pool pop some leave in conditioner in your hair before you go for a swim, and wear a swim cap if possible. This will go a long way in protecting your hair in the summer.


  • Shampoo Carefully – Shampooing your hair every day will do more harm than good. While it might be tempting to wash your hair after a sandy day at the beach, or a sweaty picnic in the park, we recommend you don’t. When you do shampoo your hair, make sure you shampoo the scalp, not your hair.


  • Swimming – A dip in the pool will help cool you down in the warmer weather; however it could damage your hair. As we said before, put on leave in conditioner before you jump in. Do not shampoo your hair before swimming as this will take the protective oils out your hair. After a swim have a quick shower to get some of the chlorine out of your hair.


  • Avoid Heat – The sun is giving your hair enough heat. Anymore and you will definitely cause additional damage to your hair. Go low and slow on your blow dryer if it is absolutely required. Try and use as little heat products as possible and air or towel dry wherever possible. The less heat the better when it comes to protecting your hair in the summer.


  • Maximum Fluids – Drink lots of fluids. Not only is this good for you in the hotter weather, but it is good for your hair too. Your hair and skin will benefit from being hydrated so make sure you keep drinking those fluids for your health and the health of your hair.


  • Deep Conditioning – Your hair will become dry and brittle over the summer so a deep conditioning treatment on your hair every now and again will come in handy. Your hair will love you for it and you’ll quickly notice the difference.


  • Post Holiday Trim – Towards the end of the summer holidays make sure you book in for a trim. Your hair really does take a beating in the summer. A quick trim will get rid of the dry and split ends, and you’re hair will look and feel healthy again. You could also book in for a hair treatment top give your hair that added love it needs.


Have a great summer. We can’t wait to hear your summer plans at your next hair appointment in Sawtry.