Sunny Hairstyles To Show Off Your Hair This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to show off your hair. You can literally wear it a million different ways and it will always look good. There will be no wintery winds to leave it looking like you have been dragged through a hedge backwards, or rain to leave you like a drowned rat. Instead, the summer hairstyle you choose to show off your hair this summer will be the style you keep all day.

The sunny hot weather can be somewhat ‘unkind’ to those with wavy or thick hair. However, these sunny hairstyles to show of your hair this summer will work for all hair types. It’s just about choosing what you like and what works for you, and your hair.

So, here are our top sunny hairstyles to show off your hair this summer.

  • Go Short

If you have longer hair that can be trickier to manage in the warmer weather, why not go shorter? You’re swapping from long trousers to shorts, so why not shorten your hair too? Whether it’s a trin in our Huntingdon salon, or a bolder hairstyle like shaved sides or asymmetrical lines through the centre – going short this summer could be the coolest thing you could do!

  • Get Braiding

Why not try braiding your hair or trying out braided hair do’s? These can look a lot more summer-ish and more interesting than ponytails and top knots. They will feel more glam too. It will keep your hair off your face and when taken out can give you some cute curls for the evening. If you have pesky flyaway, just grab a light oil to keep them in place.

  • Dry Naturally

Instead of reaching the hair dryers and risking heat damage to your hair, let your hair dry naturally. After freshly shampooing your hair, opt for a high moisture conditioner. Make sure you use enough to cover your hair as it will dry out in the hot summer sun. Remember to use lots of moisturising products on your hair, ends and curls – but be careful around the roots.

  • Think Grecian

Picture a stunning Grecian lady in her robe. Now picture her hair. Going Grecian is a really popular style in summer. Once you have left your hair to dry or curl naturally, pin up small sections with hair slides, pins or butterfly clips. This will create a loose styled updo that will keep your cool while needing minimal effort to achieve – and it will look great, day or night.

Looking to try out a new hairstyle or colour this summer? Call us now to book your free hair consultation and we can help you choose the right hair style and colour for you and your hair this summer.