The Best Summer Haircuts For Hot Weather

The warm, sticky sunny weather is certainly upon us. While it may be tempting to shave off all your hair just to feel the breeze, there are other summer haircuts that you can consider. There are some summer hairstyles and haircuts that work better in the hot weather the summer brings.

When it comes to summer haircuts, you need to think about the humidity and how your hair copes with it. You need a cut that suits your lifestyle. However, it needs to be easy to manage too. Everyone has their own hair routines and boundaries of how much they will maintain and manage their hair. Our hair stylists in Sawtry will work with you on that to help you find the right hot weather haircut for you.

If you have natural waves of kinks in your hair, these will be accentuated as the weather warms up. Have your hair sitting at a comfortable length with soft layering techniques. This will help you embrace the natural texture of your hair. In turn, your hair will become easier to manage too.

Very often the hairline is the first place that gets hot and sweaty. If you have curly hair, in particular, we recommend avoiding fringes. This is because you could result in a frizzy forehead. If you are looking to expose the back of your next for extra coolness this summer, why not opt for a bob or pixie cut. They are a much cooler style and ideal for the hot and sticky summer months.

Do you have straight hair? A haircut that allows a lot of movement is a great idea. When you’re out and about and enjoying all of what summer has to offer, you want an easy and effortless hairstyle. Layers and beach waves can work really well for straight hair. Once the layers are in place you can easily wear your hair half up and half down. This will take the heat off both your next and shoulders and help keep your hair sweat free too.

If you have textured hair you might want to consider going for shorter pieces around your face. This means that when you put your hair up, it is effortless. Summer should be about having fun and not worrying about your hair. This style will take some weight out the front of your hair. In turn, this will remove that heavy triangle from the bottom of your hair too.

Fancy trying something new with your hair this summer? Call our team now to book a free hair consultation in Huntingdon. Our stylists will help you chose the right style for you.