The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

Have you been shying away from getting your hair trimmed by the hairdressers? That needs to stop. Some people believe that trimming your hair doesn’t haven’t any benefits. They’re wrong. There are some serious benefits to getting your hair trimmed by a hairdresser. That’s why we are always recommending regular hair trims in Sawtry. We don’t just recommend them for the fun of it.

In this blog post we look at the importance of a regular hair trim. However, first we look at what a hair trimming appointment involves and how often you need one.

  • What Does A Hair Trim Appointment In Huntingdon Involve?

Getting your hair trimmed is also known as dusting the ends of your hair. This is because you are getting rid of the parts of your hair that could be damaged. When you get your hair trimmed you are getting rid of the damage your hair can get on a daily basis. A hair trim is like a tidy up to leave your hair looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

  • How Often Should You Book A Hair Trim Appointment?

It really is dependent on your hair type, how healthy it is, the style and the condition, as well as how quickly it grows and your hair goals. However, a good rule of thumb is to have your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. This will help you retain length and keep your hair healthy and strong.

  • The Importance Of A Regular Hair Trim

There are lots of important reasons that you should book a regular hair trim. One reason is that trimming your hair actually encourages hair growth. By cutting off the split ends you will make your hair healthier so it can grow stronger and longer. Freshly trimmed ends will also help to detangle your hair and make your hair easier to manage and less tangled.

If you hate having frizzy hair, then a regular trim is highly recommended. This regular trim can help avoid frizzy looking hair, leaving it strong and sleek. By getting your hair trimmed you will also give your hair an instant boost of volume and thickness.


When was the last time you booked a trim for your hair? Call us now to book yours. You’ll be impressed by the results and wonder why you left it so long!