Thin Hair Mistakes You Might Be Making

Having thin hair can be really annoying as sometimes it is super tricky to manage and care for. Often there is no reason for having thin hair, and it’s just something you need to deal with as best you can.

However, there is good news for those with thin hair. Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Sawtry we have put together some top tips for managing, caring for and looking after thin hair. These are lots of mistakes that people with thin hair make. In this blog post we tell you what those mistakes are, and how to avoid them.

Pulling Hair Back

As tempting as it is to throw wet hair back in a ponytail as you hop out the shower, we would highly recommend against it. Doing this can cause serious damage to thin hair. Grab a scrunchie instead, or even a clip, and make sure you don’t pull your hair too tight.

Using Hair Oil

Using oil on your hair is a good thing, using too much oil on your hair is a bad thing. Hair oil can be quite heavy and therefore leads to strands of hair becoming flat and stuck to your scalp, therefore leaving your hair looking even thinner with minimal volume.

Colouring Thin Hair

Some people with thin hair will avoid colouring hair in Sawtry, but a touch of colour can actually do wonders for thin hair. Using the right colours, highlights and lowlights you can enhance the look of thick and luscious locks with ease.

Grab the Conditioner

We have come across clients with thin hair that avoid using conditioner on their hair for fear it will become thinner.  Just like your face and skin, your hair and scalp need moisture too, so stop avoiding the conditioner and start using it every time you wash your hair.

Use Styling Products

If you are a washer and a go-er, this can leave your hair feeling flat and lifeless. Instead, we would recommend you use styling products that create thickness and volume, such as volumising and thickening sprays. You’ll quickly notice the difference and feel great for it.


If you have thin hair and want to chat about the best hairstyle or hair colour for your thin hair, then why not book a free hair consultation and we will recommend the best hair care tips for you and your hair.