Prevent & Repair Heat Damaged Hair

Prevent & Repair Heat Damaged Hair

No matter how thick or thin, strong or long your hair may be no hair type is immune from heat damage. However, there are lots of ways that you can protect your hair from heat damage and we have shared some of these in the blog for you

  • Make sure you have book in for regular trims and haircuts in Sawtry. Once you hair has broken at the tip it will grow up your hair, a regular trim will chop these dead ends off and stop them from damaging the rest of your hair further. Every 6-10 weeks you should be getting your hair trimmed.


  • Using a high quality shampoo that is strong enough to withstand heat damage and prevent hair breakage is highly recommended. Also treat yourself to a good light spray or detangler to add another layer of strengthening and protection to your hair after washing it. Speak to our awesome hairdressers in Sawtry who will recommend the best hair products for your hair.


  • Air drying your hair whenever possible is a great way of reducing the risk of serious hair damage in the future. If it isn’t possible to air dry your hair because you don’t like your natural style, then consider some quick and easy hairstyles that don’t need heat. Hairstyles like messy buns and braids are ideal no-heat hairstyles.


  • As tempting as it may be, do not turn your heated tools up too high. It is much better for the health and condition of your hair if you do a few more strokes with a cooler flat iron, then fewer strokes with a hotter flat iron.


  • Treat yourself to a hair mask about once a week. Not only will this give you some quality time to yourself where you can relax, but it will do wonders for your hair too. A hair mask will keep moisture in your hair, but it will also add that extra layer of protection when you style your hair with hot tools too.


If you worry that your hair is too damaged and it is beyond the level of return, then why not pop in and see us. We may be able to offer you an awesome hair treatment in Sawtry that could save your locks, or we can recommend a hair style that will help repair your locks and remove damaged ends.