Three Signs You Need A New Hair Stylist

How long have you been with your current hairdresser? Perhaps the better question is how happy are you with your hairdresser? Have you been with them for years and you feel like it’s same old style each time? Maybe you have been shopping around, going from one to the next and still not found the right one for you?

Have you tried the team of experienced and friendly hair stylists in Huntingdon at our hair salon in Sawtry? Our team are expertly trained to help you choose the best hair style, hair colour and hair cut for your personal needs, your hair type and your hair care routine, as well as your skin tone and face type.

In this blog post look at the three tell-tale signs that you need a new hair stylist.

  1. It’s Never How You Want It

Do you live the hair salon feeling a bit ‘meh’? Here at Rumours Hair Salon in Huntingdon we aim to ensure that all our clients leave the salon feeling amazing and with a spring in their step. You should feel happy and confident with your hair, and proud to show it off. If that’s not how you’re feeling, then you need to find a new hair stylist.

  1. It’s Not The Look You Want

If you have a specific hairstyle in mind and your hair stylist can’t provide it for you, then ask why. If it down to your hair type or they are not sure it will work for you, ask for their reasons. However, if they feel they don’t have enough experience with your hair type or the requested style, then that’s a sign to go elsewhere.

  1. You’re Not Being Listened To

One of the most important skills a hairdresser needs is to be able to listen. If you have told them about your hair goals and ambitions, or worries about your hair, you want to feel that you have been listened to. Our hair stylists will listen to your hair worries and dreams, then make recommendations based on your needs and their experience.

If you are experienced one or more of these things, then it’s definitely time to find a new hair stylist. Call our team of hairdressers in Huntingdon to book a hair appointment now. We offer a free hair consultation so you can make sure you’re happy before we even start.