Top Tips For Summer Hair Care

The summer season and days sat in the sun will soon be upon us. We all know about the dangers of exposing our skin to the harmful UV rays, but we often forget about our hair. The hot weather, suns rays, saltwater, chlorine and humidity can cause havoc with our hair. This is why you need to follow our top tips for summer hair care. These tips will help your hair to stay healthy throughout the summer months and the rest of the year.

Whenever possible, you should wear a hat when you are outside. This will help to protect your hair colour. You spent a lot of money getting the perfect hair colour in Huntingdon – don’t let the sunshine ruin it.

Pop into our salon and grab a good conditioning treatment. This will help to revive dehydrated hair. We have some really great conditioning treatments available to take away and they can be used 2-3 times a week to really nourish your hair.

You want to loom your best in all your holiday snaps, so nook in for a haircut in Huntingdon before you go. Not only will this mean that you hair looks fabulous, but it will also give your hair extra strength, shape and shine for when you go away. You might want to try a new style for summer too. Maybe something shorter or easier to manage to keep you cooler?

Try to let your hair dry naturally in the sunshine instead of grabbing the heated styling tools. Your hair will have had more heat than it can cope with, so go careful with extra heat. If heated tools are absolutely necessary, turn down the heat and use heat-protecting hair products.

We all want a dip in the pool to cool down, but chlorinated swimming pools can cause havoc with your hair. Make sure you shower before you get in the pool. This will ‘fill up’ your hair so it soaks up less chlorine. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair when you get out of the pool. This will help to remove any chlorine from your hair.

It’s important to keep on top of your regular trims over the summer months. This will help to keep your hair looking beautifully healthy. It will also help to keep those split ends at bay. Make sure you book a hair appointment in Huntingdon when you get back too. This way we can trim off those beach-frazzled ends and leave your hair looking healthy and summer fresh again.