What Is Hair Colour Correction?

We’ve all been there at one time. We want to try out a new hair colour. While we usually go to the hairdressers, we have decided this time we will do it ourselves. After all, it can’t be that hard? Plus, it’ll save a few pennies too.

However, this can sometimes lead to a desperate or even urgent need for hair colour correction in Huntingdon. Perhaps the colour has come out too dark, too light or a massive spot has been missed. We have even seen some cases where the wrong hair colour was in the box and therefore our client had the wrong hair colour result.

What is Hair Colour Correction in Huntingdon?

Hair colour correction is needed when the hair colouring goes wrong. It will often happen when a boxed hair colour is used at home, or an inexperienced stylist tried something new. In some cases hair colour correction can be done in one or two steps. However, some hair colour corrections will take several visits to the salon.

This is because the hair needs to be protected. Rapidly lightening your hair colour can cause severe damage. We would always recommend that if your hair colour goes wrong that you call the experts. Here at Rumours Hair we have helped many clients with colour correction in Huntingdon. There is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed.

If you try and repair the hair colour yourself you could end up causing more damage to your hair. We will work with you to protect your hair, while helping you achieve the right colour. In many cases we will work to a middle shade to give you a colour you aren’t ashamed of. Then we will book a follow up appointment with you to take your hair to the right colour.

How Long With Hair Colour Correction Take?

It is almost impossible to put an exact length of time on a hair colour correction appointment. This is because it depends on the original colour and condition of your hair. We then need to look at the colour it is now and what colour you want it to be. In many colour corrections will take a few hours. However in other cases it will take one long appointment or a series of smaller hair appointments spread over a few weeks.


If you’re thinking of doing your hair yourself to save money, it might be worth waiting a while. If you can book in with a professional hair colourist then you may find you end up saving a lot more money! This is especially the case if you’re going for a big colour change.