Why We Offer Complimentary Hair Consultations In Huntingdon

Have you been considering a new hair style or colour? Then you need to give us a call. We offer complimentary hair consultations in Huntingdon so we can plan out your new hair style with you. You can book your hair consultation with the stylist of your choice. They will take their time to get to know you and your hair goals. During the complimentary hair consultation, they will also find out more about your hair routine and what you like and don’t like. Based on this, they can look at some colours and styles that will perfect for you, your hair and your personality.

Sometimes when it comes to drastic hair colour changes it can take more than one appointment. Our hair colourists in Huntingdon can discuss this with you during your complimentary hair consultation. They will talk about the stages of colour changes to get your dream hair colour. This will include ideas of what your hair will look like in-between the start and finish, how to care for it and how long your hair colour dream will take.

When you choose a hairdresser in Huntingdon you are trusting someone with your hair. A big hair change is a big deal, you want to know you are in safe hands. That’s why we don’t charge for our hair consultations. We want you to get to know us, as much as we want to get to know you. That way you know you are safe in our experienced and talented stylists’ hands.

Our hair colourists in Sawtry have a duty of care. They want you to look and feel fabulous. We want to make sure that there is no allergic reaction from our products. This is why we complete an allergy alert test, to ensure the hair colouring is safe for you. This test is also known as a patch test or skin test. It needs to take place at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

While that bit can be a bit boring, it’s great fun to change your hair colour and style too. Our hair colourists want to make sure that the colour of your skin tone suits the colour hair that you want. The right colour can make your face glow with youthfulness and vibrance. However, the wrong colour can drain the colour from your face and leave your skin looking dreary. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the colour you want. It just means that our colourists will offer a different way to achieve the colour you want. This could be through high lights, low lights or balayage for example.

During your free hair consultation, we will talk about your personal style too. It’s important you know if you want to turn heads, stand out or blend in. Your hair will look fabulous regardless and definitely be noticed. We can just make sure that your hair matches your personal style and the look that you want.

Feel like now is the time to change your hair colour and style? Call us now to book your complimentary hair consultation and see what we can achieve for you.